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Brand new AAS instrumentation will come with a price tag starting in the upper $20k range, with high-end models weighing in around $40k+. Most manufacturers do offer various payment solutions, and used or refurbished equipment may be optional at reduced pricing.


     The world leader in AAS, Perkin Elmer continues to push the envelope of capabilities through technological enhancements and a philosophy rooted in practicality. Their AAnalyst instrument series offers affordable, thorough analysis capabilities to the expert and novice user, alike. The state-of-the-art PinAAcle 900 series delivers some of the most cutting-edge advancements in AAS technology available. Perkin Elmer’s website features an in depth video of all the bells and whistles this instrument has to offer.

source: Perkin Elmer
Perkin Elmer PinAAcle 900 AAS


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Shimadzu AA-7000

 Shimadzu is considered to offer some of the best instrumentation for many analytic methods. AAS is no exception. Their AA-6200 is a complete double-beam system offering a compact footprint and affordability. The AA-7000 model is completely customizable, offering a host of accessories for analysis via flame, furnace, or both. Additionally, the WizAArd software platform is extremely intuitive and approachable. On a personal note, our class had the pleasure of visiting with Josh Duncan, the local Shimadzu rep. Josh was gracious enough to come to campus and talk shop with us, explaining some of the instrumental nuances of AAS and sharing his real-world knowledge and experience. If you are interested in learning more about what Shimadzu has to offer, don’t hesitate in contacting Josh directly. He can be reached by phone at 877.698.7923 ext. 1282, or via email at

     With the recent acquisition of Varian Inc., Agilent Technologies has improved their lot among leading instrument manufacturers. Their AA Duo is capable of “true simultaneous” detection from flame and furnace atomization without the need for component change delay. Additionally, the 55B AAS is rugged, durable, and ideal for on-site determinations amidst the most challenging of environments.

240FS 280FS AA
240FS 280FS AA
55B AA
55B AA





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