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Fifth Sunday of Easter

Jesus, facing betrayal and death, knowing what kind of hearts his disciples will need, reminds us three times,”Love one another.” Jn 13:34-35

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Lord, make me one of your sheep who hear your voice; then fill me with the Holy Spirit that I may follow you, my shepherd. Jn 10:27; Rev 7:17; Acts 13

April 7

Oh to love with Peter’s love, to jump into the sea out of the blessed boat, to be chosen to care for His sheep because He knows of our love.

April 5

When I fear, let me know your peace. If ever I doubt, show me your hands and your side. Breathe your Spirit on me and send me on your path.


Easter Sunday: May I become a fresh batch of dough with courage for yeast and a heart kneaded by the Spirit. 1 Cor 5:7

March 17

At the table called to serve, to strengthen one another; in the garden called to pray; from the cross, forgiven. Luke 22:26-23:43.

March 14

God asks us to return to him with our whole heart, to be taken possession of by Christ, to continue our pursuit of God’s upward calling.

March 2

Like the prodigal son, whoever is reconciled to God becomes a new creation in Christ; our new ministry: to be his ambassadors. 2 Cor 5:17-20

Feb. 26

We stand on holy ground where the one who heals all ills, who cultivates the ground and fertilizes it, calls us to repent and bear fruit.

Feb. 22

As my heart speaks of you, I seek your face–your presence. Hide not your glorified face from me. I listen. Ps 27:8-9; Lk 9:35