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30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Constantly seeking God’s face,we find ourselves willing servants of the God who hears the cries of our hearts, “Be merciful to me a sinner.”

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

We have been charged to proclaim the word & pray always; then when the Son of Man comes, he will find faith on earth. 2Tm4;Lk18 #catholicstl

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Persevering, guided by the Word of God, we will one day see him as he is and recognize him in ourselves. 2 Tm 2:9-12; 1 Jn 3:2 #catholicstl

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

God our Father has given us a spirit of love, asking that guided by his Word, we stir that spirit into flame. 2 Tm 1: 6,7.13 #catholicstl

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Listening to the Spirit, we learn to love, be patient, be gentle; and we pray to be carried home by angels. 1 Tm 6:11; Lk 16:22 #catholicstl

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In every place, may prayers for peace be offered for everyone so all may lead a tranquil life in devotion & dignity. 1 Tm 2:1-8

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Through the grace of the Spirit, make humble my heart so I may be like the lost sheep you set on your shoulders with great joy. #catholicstl

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Burdened by concerns, we stumble on crooked paths till God sends his Spirit, bringing wisdom of heart; then we renounce possessions. Ps 90

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

May we be humble enough to accept God’s gift of the attentive ear. Sirach 3:28 #catholicstl

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

As God’s children, disciplined by trials, we strive to enter the narrow gate leading to the table in the kingdom. #catholicstl