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Lectio Divina, Dec. 8, 2013

Rejoice, the Lord is near!  Lord, strengthen our fearful, grumbling hearts. Phil 4:4; Jas 5:9; Is 35:4; RB 5:17-18

Lectio Divina, Dec. 5, 2013

We have been baptized with the Holy Spirit and a fire that flames when we welcome one another as Christ welcomed us.Mt3:11Rom15

Lectio Divina, Nov. 29, 2013

1st Sunday in Advent: May we attend to the light on his path, guiding us to both a birth and a heavenly home. Is 2:3-5

Lectio Divina, Nov. 23, 2013

We have been made fit to share in the inheritance of the holy ones in light, reconciled to the Father through the son.Col 1:12

Lectio Divina, Nov. 10, 2013

33rd Sunday:May I never forget your promise of wisdom in speaking and so listen carefully with my heart. Lk 21:15

Lectio Divina, Nov. 3, 2013

God has given us everlasting encouragement through his grace, directing our hearts to his love.When we behold his face, our joy will be full

Lectio Divina, Oct. 28, 2013

31st Sunday: Jesus, you seek those who are lost and say to us, “I must stay at your house.” Lk 19:5-10