Archive for February, 2015

Matthew Wigley, a senior majoring in English, is working as an intern for the Monsanto Fund Project.  Congratulations, Matt!

New Double Major in Communication and English

The Communication faculty and English faculty have designed a new double major for students: Communication and English.

The English Faculty have added three new interdisciplinary tracks to the English major:  Narrative Arts, Fantasy & Science Fiction, and Video Literacy.

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

As Paul accepted his mission to preach the gospel, may we willingly accept our mission to evangelize. 1Cor 9:16-17

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We are the flock guided by the gentle voice of our shepherd, who asks us to harden not our hearts but to obey joyfully. Ps 95

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

As we turn our eyes toward the Lord and follow his path, may his light be radiant in our faces. Ps 25:4; 34:6

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Holy Spirit, open our ears to God’s call and enflame our hearts with delight in doing his will. Ps 42:7-9

Baptism of our Lord

Having been baptized with the Spirit, we too are called to please our Father by doing good in joyful obedience. Mk 1:8


Lord, open my eyes to the light from your star, so I may walk by its light, filled with love. Mt 2:2; Is 60:3

Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God

Mary, with your help we have become God’s sons, our hearts filled with Jesus’ spirit crying out, “Abba, Father.” Gal 4:6