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Fourth Sunday in Lent

How can we hear that God so loved us that he gave his only Son for us and still seek anything other than God? Jn 3:16

Third Sunday in Lent

My heart rejoices, my eyes see, my soul is refreshed, I become wiser when I obey God’s law. Ps19

Second Sunday in Lent

May the Transfiguration remind us of the dazzling life the Father has prepared for those who seek his face. Mk 9:3 Ps 27:8

First Sunday in Lent

As Lent begins, Lord, help me to resist temptation, to repent, and to live on your Word. Mk 1:12-15

Sunday Readings

Just as the healed leper spread the good news of his healing, may we spread the good news of our reconciliation. Mk 1:40-45