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June 28b

Jesus prays that we may be one with him & his Father, healed of our weaknesses through our faith.Jn17:21;Mk5

June 28a

Jesus says to our hearts, “Quiet! Be Still!” Then in the great calm of our faith, we find strength. Mk 4:39

June 13

We rejoice in his church, growing from the mustard seed, offering shade & eternal life to those planted there. Mk 4:30

June 6

Thank you for the gift of yourself in bread & wine, a gift through which you enter our hearts with love & our souls with grace

May 24b

Confident of the power of God and led by the Spirit, our hearts cry out in obedient love: Abba, Father! Rom 8

May 24a

With the love of God breathed into our hearts, we are called to manifest for the benefit of others the gifts of His Spirit

May 8

The Holy Spirit abides with us as a gentle guide, helping us to obey Jesus’s command to love one another. Jn. 15:17

April 27

Lord, because we have been pruned by your word, our love for you & for one another bears much fruit. Jn15:1-

April 24

As we learn to love our God more deeply in humble obedience, we come to know our Father in whose image we are made. Jn 3:1-2

April 18

Lord, when you speak to us, our hearts burn, yearning to love you more. Lk 24:32