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Lectio, November 22

We run toward a kingdom that does not belong to this world, our eyes on Him who loves us. Jn 18:34

Lectio, November 14

Strengthen me to stand before you as one faithful to your word, one longing for the fullness of joys in your presence. Ps 16

Lectio, Nov. 4

A generous spirit is born from faith & love; it is nourished by grace. Mk 12:44

Lectio, October 31

Lord, you promise happiness to all the clean of heart. Cleanse me so that when I see your face, I may shimmer in love. Mt 5:8

Lectio, October 24

Our hearts constantly seek God’s face; like Bartimaeus we long to see him & follow his way. Mk 10:51

Lectio, October 18

Remind me, Lord, to approach your throne of grace for the help I need to be a faithful servant. Heb 4:16