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Lectio, Feb. 20

In God we see the face we have been seeking, and our hearts know our shepherd. Ps 27

Lectio, Feb. 13

Lord, as we cling to you in the shelter of your wings, teach us to trust in the power you give us to help your reign to com

Lectio, Feb. 7

Lord, When you say, “Do not be afraid,” help me to answer, “Send me,” and to lower my net at your command. Is6:8 Lk5:5

Lectio, Jan. 25

On our road to perfection, we strive to love God and others: love facing love. 1 Cor 13

Lectio Jan. 22

The Holy Spirit unites us, bestows his gifts, & enfolds us in his wings, enflaming our hearts for a role in the kingdom.

Lectio Jan. 17

We ask Mary to guide us as she gently guided the heart of her son at Cana. Jn 2:3-5

Lectio, Jan. 9, 2016

The kingdom comes through baptismal grace from the Holy Spirit aflame in us. Lk 3:26

Lectio, December 28

Like the magi, we are overjoyed at seeing the child who is our brother and our Savior. Mt 2:10

Lectio December 26

The robe of the Lord’s love fits best the grateful believer in whom the Son dwells. Col 3:14-16

Lectio December 24

God’s Son dwells among us to teach us God’s way of love and calls us to become God’s children. Jn 1:12-14