Business Woman???

Hey All!!

I attended the Business Career Fair that was held in the DUC. The Office of Career and Professional Development invited companies to come and talk to students about employment and internship possibilities. (How awesome, right?!) Even as I was working the event, many of the people would stop and ask me a question or introduce themselves to me. I highly recommend this event and other events that are like this in the future. Even if you are not interested in this now, it makes for great research and networking for the future when you are ready!

P.S. Leave me comments or questions!


Career Peer

Mid-Terms are Scary!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I have posted on here. I have been SUPER busy with all of my classes and everything that is going on in my life. I have been trying to stay in touch with friends and family, keep my grades up, make sure my apartment is clean, take care of my guinea pig, and attempt to find time to sleep. These past few weeks have been crazy!  I have two midterms this week in two of my hardest classes.  Last week I had a different midterm, and I have had multiple other tests and projects and even more coming up. I am just ready for this week to be over.

Two weeks ago was Fall Festival week. Since I was so busy, I wasn’t able to get to all of the events, but I did get to go see Andrew Schulz, a comedian that is on MTV’s Girl Code and Guy Code. He was very funny and I loved being able to meet him, especially since Girl Code is one of my favorite shows. Last week was Bingo and Brew, so me and a couple of my roommates went to that so we could try to relax and not think about school for a little while. It was fun but also frustrating because you would get so close to getting a BINGO but then somebody would get one before you. Oh well, we still had fun and got the shirts that they were handing out.

I am very excited for this weekend because I am going to the Blues vs. Blackhawks game on Saturday. I am slowly getting more into sports, especially with living in St. Louis. We have some pretty good sports teams, although I wish the Cardinals would have made it into the World Series. We can’t win everything though. Time to cheer on the Blues…and the Rams, who pulled out a surprising win yesterday. That was a fun game to be at.

Well time to study, which is going to be my life for the next four days.
Have a good week!!


Family Weekend

Hey Everyone!

This weekend is Family Weekend! This weekend is so exciting for all the students that do not get to see their parents that often. There are SO many events going on that should make it a fun filled weekend! Also, last night was Bingo and Brew, and it was so much fun! There were over 250 students there! RHA put this on and it was bingo with some root beer. If someone at your table got bingo the WHOLE table got free t shirts..who doesn’t love a free t shirt?

This past week I had two tests! One in chemistry and also one in Anatomy. I am hoping I did well because I studied so much! Monday I also met with my adviser to plan my schedule for next semester which was so exciting! I do have two challenging classes next semester that I am nervous about. But I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Hey Friends!

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Abbey Bender. I am the Career Peer in the Office of Career and Professional Development. I am a student, just like you! I am a fourth year student here at Maryville. I am also a junior in the Elementary Education program. In case you think you already know me, you have probably seen me around campus, I’m everywhere!! I work at the Kaldi’s on campus. The past three years, I lived on campus (two years as an RA), but this year I am living in an apartment off campus. I am a part of the commuter club and the education club.

Side note: I am going to have a video out soon on how to find me!! Be on the lookout!


Career Peer


Rainy Day

Hello Everyone!

Today is a raining day here at Maryville but everyone is making the best of it! This week we have the Tunnel of Oppression located in the Chapel. The tunnel is there to make you feel emotionally uncomfortable to have you realize the things that are going on everyday. I learned a lot from the tunnel and its an excellent thing to stop by and check it out! Tomorrow is Formal and if you forgot to get tickets you can buy them at the door when you get there! Also, on Monday the 20th students have the opportunity to go explore the haunted Lemp Mansion and tickets are on sale now!

Today, I have a psychology test that I am totally ready for and next week I have two more tests. I signed up for tutoring for both of my hardest classes. If you are ever having trouble I strongly suggest coming to the Center for Academic Success and First Year Experience. Tutors are great because they are also students and understand how to make it easier to understand the material.

Have a great weekend!!



Happy Tuesday!


My name is Valerie Zahra and I am a first year student undeclared. My goal is to get into the nursing program. I love everything about Maryville.! The staff, students, Potter Hall, and my friends. I really like my classes and professors this semester. The professors are wonderful! They want to help you succeed but also challenge you to become a better student. Maryville is very different from high school and I love that. Its nice waking up and going to class and most of the days I am done at 12:40 at the latest. This gives me plenty of time to study and get my homework done. Also, Maryville has many things going on during the week and weekends for the students to enjoy. A couple weekends from now is formal! I am very excited for this because I have heard so many great things about it! Its going to be very fun dressing up and dancing with all my friends. If you have the opportunity you should go!

Last week was CRAZY. I had 4 tests and two were on the same day! I was so stressed and nervous because it was the first exams as a college student. Hopefully all my studying will show me great results. Besides the tests, I joined the Community Service Club which gives me the opportunity to seek out and help others. I feel that being in a club gives me a little break from studying to give out to the community.

I am excited to see what this year brings!

Back to the ‘Ville!

Hello all!

I cannot believe that it is already time to go back to school. It seems like just yesterday that I was saying bye in my dorm to all my friends to go home for summer. I am so excited to be back in St. Louis for the new school year. We have all been in our apartment for about three weeks now and we love it. We are always together talking and laughing. Our house is never quiet, but is always fun. We have also made some pretty good meals too, but we are still learning and getting used to it.

Classes started last week and I am already stressing out, especially since I have an online class this semester. It is going to take a while for me to get used to remembering to work on it. We also have already started to work on our cadavers in gross anatomy. It was really interesting to be able to see the different structures, and kind of creepy. I am very excited for this semester.

I missed working with everybody, and I am so happy to be back working in the Center this semester.

Well time to study! (I did not miss having to say that!)

Good luck to everybody this semester!


Happy 4th of July!

Hey everyone!

Is it me, or did I blink and it is already July? This summer is going by so fast. I guess the saying is true, “Time flies when you are having fun!” Not too much has happened since I have last posted; I have seen my friends a few times (which was a lot of fun), I’ve been working a lot, and just hanging out around the house.

I am so excited for tomorrow because the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I love watching the fireworks, eating a lot of food, and being outside. I could go without the mosquitos attacking me every time I step outside. This summer has been pretty weird with the weather, luckily it hasn’t been scorching hot, but its been really stormy and raining. The storms have ruined some of my plans but we made the most of it!

I cannot wait until I move into my apartment with my friends. I still feel like I have a lot of stuff that I need to get before I move in – one month to go! I especially need to finish all of my wall decor. I haven’t done much with these recently but I am sure that I will soon!

Well, time to go! Talk to you in about a month!


May is Over?

Hey everyone!

How is it already the end of May?! I feel like I just moved back home yesterday…maybe that is because I just unpacked the rest of my stuff yesterday.

Words cannot describe how happy I am that it is summer break! I haven’t really had much of a break. I have worked at the preschool or babysat every single day that I have been home. But I love working with kids so it isn’t too bad. They definitely keep me busy and entertained.

Other than working I have been spending time with some of my friends from home and have even taken a couple of trips to go see my friends from Maryville. I also made a trip up to St. Louis to sign the lease to our new apartment! I am so excited to live with four of my friends this fall (and I can’t wait to decorate my room! I have already made one decoration.)

I have also been able to catch up on some sleep. I think the first night I was home I slept around 11 hours. It was much needed. I have also had a lot of free time to be able to watch some shows on Netflix and do some crafts. I love having so much free time.

Well, I will update you in about a month, which will most likely go by as fast as May did.

Hope you are having a good summer!


I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Hey everyone!

We are in the last uphill battle of the semester: finals week!! I have been so busy trying to prepare for everything that I feel like I don’t have time to breathe. But luckily I won’t have any classes on Friday, so that is one less day that I have to stress about. Today, I officially completed everything that I had to do for anatomy, that means one class down and four to go! I am going to be even more ready for summer by the time Thursday comes.

Today is another stormy one. I kind of like listening to the rain and the thunder while I am inside, but I do not like having to walk around campus in it. It is not fun having to sit in class soaking wet and cold. But there isn’t much I can do about it, so i just need to remember to take my umbrella with me.

My room is feeling more and more empty. I have taken all of my pictures off of my wall, taken some clothes and other things that I won’t be needing this week home, and been throwing other stuff away. I still cannot believe that this semester is almost over.

Well, time for some more studying. Wish me luck!