Thanksgiving Break!!!


Today is the last day before Thanksgiving break! After my class today I get to go home for the next week. I cant wait for Thanksgiving dinner and Black Friday shopping. Before I can have fun this next week I have A LOT of studying to do. I need to study mostly Anatomy and Chemistry. Even though my tests are not until 2 weeks after break this is a great opportunity to take advantage of my studies so when I get back I  am not overwhelmed. I hope that everyone has an awesome break! Don’t forget to study but also give yourself sometime to relax!

Val Zahra


Morning everyone!!!

This week has been extremely cold! Walking out of Potter Hall today, there was frost on the car windows! I cannot believe its winter already. Also, a week from today our Thanksgiving break starts. I am so excited because I get to go home and spend a WHOLE week at home. Of course, I will also be studying because I  have tests when we come back.

This week was like every other one. A couple of tests with a couple of days tutoring and work! My weeks go by so fast! Hopefully next week it will be even faster :)

Stay warm out there this weekend. We might be seeing some snow tomorrow!


Relaxing Career Fair? What?!

Hello!!! As many of you know, our semester is almost over!! Not too long ago, we had the Health Professions Career Fair. This career fair was far more relaxed than the past ones. You did not have to dress up all professionally, like most of the others. I could not go but after talking to peers and my supervisors, I heard it was very successful. Many people were able to make connections with the businesses that came and have plans to reach out to them for their fieldwork experiences. Plus, I heard they had some delicious snacks! I put some pictures here for you in case you missed it!


Career Peer

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Fresh Cookies and a Free Coffee Maker?!?!

Hey there friends!

Did you know that there was a Coffee Talk with Karlla, myself, and More at Maryville on the 20th of October? It was pretty awesome! I made us freshly baked cookies from Kaldi’s. YUMMM!!  Aretha, from More at Maryville, brought a Keurig to raffle off to the people that came to the event because we also drank coffee (from a different machine, no worries). When people came, we asked if you all had a resume and that we can help you! All you had to do to get the cookie, coffee, and enter your name to win the  Keurig, was talk to us! Not a bad deal!! We hope to see you at the next event!

Your Career Peer




Hello Again!

A couple of weeks ago I went to this presentation by a man named Dr. Doyle. He is really into education and the ways we can help ourselves when studying or in school. Dr. Doyle told us that sleep is very important (like we hear from all doctors). Sleep is imperative to your grades and your focus, though. The more sleep you get, the more you will be able to focus on school work. This is also in conjunction with the fact that your brain isn’t fully awake until after 9:30 or so. Some high schools have even moved their start times back! I think Maryville should join the cause! He also gave us study tips. Even though many us, including myself, like to procrastinate, we should start studying little by little early on. But no worries, you should not study everyday. This way you can tell if you really know it or not. Now next tip: to keep focus if you are tired, do NOT drink coffee or soda. This will only keep you on task for a small amount of time. For best results, take a 90 minute nap (a full REM cycle) and drink water! Thats all I have for now friends! Keep calm and study on!


Career Peer

Just Another Friday

Hey Everyone!

Well, as usual today is Friday and I have a test today! This week I was supppose to have a test in psychology BUT my teacher printed the wrong test. So, she had to move the test to today. I wish I could have taken it Wednesday because I was so ready to take it. Oh well, today hopefully I will also do great on it. Next week, I have an Anatomy test on Monday. This chapter is a little more in depth so I really need to study over the weekend.

This past weekend we adopted 2 kittens. I am so excited to go home and see them today! They are CRAZY!  Hopefully this weekend wont be very cold but I have a feeling I am going to have to bring out the winter coat. Gosh, I cant believe in two weeks its Thanksgiving!! This semester has flown by!

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Happy Halloween everyone!

This week has been great! Tuesday was my birthday and today is Halloween. I am so excited to see everyone’s creative costumes! Tonight I am dressing up as a Toddler and Tiaras kid. I have a tutu with a crown and a Binky. Even though its starting to actually feel like fall, hopefully I wont get too cold.  All the leaves are falling off the trees which is my favorite part about fall. The beautiful colors of orange, brown, and red make me so happy.

Along with great things this week, I had a chemistry test on Wednesday. To be prepared for this test I had 3 days of tutoring and I reviewed on my own. Hopefully I received a good grade on it because I worked very hard on understanding it. This week, I am still fixing up my schedule. Now, they actually have the names of professors so I  can see who is teaching the classes. Hopefully my professors next semester are just as great as the ones I have now!

Well, have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!


Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all have had a great week! Hang in there one more day because it is almost Halloween and the WEEKEND!! I have been so busy and stressed out lately that I am beyond excited for this weekend. I am especially excited because I am going home tomorrow! Unfortunately it isn’t too much of a break because I am going to be working on homework the whole time. The work never ends for an Occupational Therapy student. Oh well, I am very excited to be in the program and to be able to focus on schooling for my career.

These past few weeks I have done a few fun things. Last weekend I carved pumpkins, went to the zoo, and went to the Blues vs. Blackhawks game. (And the Blues won of course! Let’s go Blues!) I have rekindled my Netflix binge watching because I have started the series Gossip Girl. It is very difficult to chose between what I want to be doing (Netflix) and what I should be doing (homework and studying). Most of the time homework and studying wins.

Well, I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween weekend!


Business Suits….Business Suits Everywhere!

Hey there!

So today, I went to the Ac Sci Career Fair to help work the sign in table. As soon as I walked into the DUC I could feel the tension in the air. All of these companies were here to see all of these students for potential jobs and internships. In case you didn’t know, that’s a whole lot of people in suits! I greeted people as they came in and had them sign in and create a name tag. When I was not busy, I was people watching and observing what was going on around me. One of the most memorable moment was when one popular company came over and announced they had two open chairs. It was so entertaining to watch 15 college students rush to two chairs as if they were playing a professional version of musical chairs. From talking to the students, I gathered that this was very nerve racking for them because they could help determine their life after college or throughout it. The most interesting part to me was that the students were able to come at only the designated times by their year in school. I’ll be talking to you soon!!


Career Peer


Meet and Greet: Freshman Steps

Hello Again!

On Monday the 29th of September, the Office of Career and Professional Development had a Meet and Greet event in the Potter Hall Lobby. Karlla and I were here for an hour. The idea of this event was to get students to stop by and say hello. It was also to make the Career Advisors a familiar face on campus so we aren’t so intimidated to come and talk them. We got heavy foot traffic in there and it was great experience. Karlla and I  mainly talked to freshmen and the steps that they can be taking now to better prepare them for their future. I can’t wait to help the students that I already got to talk to at the event!

Side note: Be on the hunt for our cool scavenger hunt I made up!! You could win a cool prize!! :)


Career Peer