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2013-2014 CE Associates

The 2013-2014 Civic Engagement Associates Program is an effort for faculty and staff to pair their areas of expertise with civic engagement opportunities.  Associates work closely with the Director of the Center for Civic Engagement and Democracy to adapt what they are already doing or create new activities that align with the Center’s four program areas (Engaged Teaching, Engaged Service, Engaged Scholarship, Engaged Democracy). Below are listed to faculty and staff choosen for the 2013-2014 academic school year. We’d like to congratulate them on their involvement and are excited about the future.

For more information contact:

Alden W. Craddock Associate Vice President and Director Center for Civic Engagement and Democracy or 314.529.6687

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2013-2014 Civic Engagement Associates:

kdias  afick Health Screening and Wellness Day at the St. Patrick’s Center (Fall 2013)
Faculty & Staff: Konrad Dias & Ann Fick The purpose of this project is to create a service learning activity for graduate physical therapy students enrolled in the Cardiopulmonary Conditions and Management course. In particular, this project will involve the development and implementation of a Health Screening and Wellness Day at the St. Patrick’s Center in St. Louis. We anticipate that the development of this activity can symbiotically assist students in learning and developing the skills taught within this course while simultaneously improving the health and wellness of the indigent in our society.


Picture1 ICYIZERE: hope (Fall 2013)
Faculty & Staff: Steve DiSalvo
The project will host a screening of a documentary about a 3-day gathering of 10 survivors and 10 perpetrators of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.  The hour-long screening will include a presentation by the director to provide historical context to the genocide and his own story, leading a trust-walk with an audience member, Q&A opportunities and ways to apply the principles within the film to everyday life.


mkiener Picturing Poverty (Spring 2014)
Faculty & Staff: Michael Kiener
This project will develop an exhibit to showcase social issues. It is hoped these exhibits can be linked to multiple courses and events already planned. For example, there is a possibility of bringing a photography exhibit to campus. The pictures were taken by individuals who were homeless and the intent of the pictures was to depict homelessness from a personal perspective. This exhibit can enhance the Poverty Panel held last semester and the poverty simulation being planned for Spring 2013. Ultimately, the goal of this project is to move social issues past the awareness stage and move individuals to action.

kmock Pay It Forward (Spring 2014)
Faculty & Staff: Kelly Mock
In the Pay It Forward University Seminar Course, students are challenged to consider how they contribute to their community. Together as a class community, we explore what internal and external influences impact their decisions to get involved and support others through community service. In the Pay It Forward class, we will identify, research and develop a community service project to connect and integrate first-year students with a community organization in the St. Louis area.  Students will gather research in the fall to implement their project in the Spring.

jroberts5 LIVErescue (Spring 2014)
Faculty & Staff: Janet Roberts
The LIVErescue Project is a partnership between Maryville University and Gateway Pet Guardians with the following goals: provide education about spay/neuter; provide little to no cost services for citizens in need; and promote responsible pet ownership. The project focuses on empowering students at Maryville University to make a difference in the community, targeting low-income families in metro St. Louis. The project will follow a successful outreach method developed by the Humane Society of the United States and PetSmart Charities. Participants will conduct a community assessment to identify a community in need, develop relationships with community ambassadors, and promote, plan, and facilitate one community outreach event.

ktabak STL BUDS (Spring 2014)
Faculty & Staff: Karen Tabak
Sign the List, Buckle Up, Drive Safe is a student group founded in 2010 to encourage the Maryville University community to engage in safer driving habits by recognizing their own mortality.  The project will lead a campaign to promote: 1) signing the back of drivers license and register to be organ donors, 2) join the STL BUDS Facebook page and 3) practice safe driving habits.

ktemme Volunteer Tax Preparation (Spring 2014)
Faculty & Staff: Kim Temme
VTP is a course that provides a service learning experience for our students. Under my supervision and review, students prepare income tax returns for low income and elderly taxpayers in the local community. For 18 years, we have partnered with St. Louis County Libraries in St. Ann and Florissant Valley. Although VTP has evolved through the years, there are other ways to expand and improve the program: computers for more efficient tax return preparation, tax preparation programs for the community, and additional services for waiting taxpayers through other Maryville units (e.g., blood pressure checks by SHP).


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