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UGAB: March 26, 2012

on March 28, 2012 by Rebecca Dohrman

Undergraduate Announcement Board (UGAB) for Communication

Week of March 26, 2012 – Eleventh Week of the Semester

Quote of the Week

How is it possible not to feel that there is communication between our solitude as a dreamer and the solitudes of childhood? And it is no accident that, in a tranquil reverie, we often follow the slope which returns us to our childhood solitude.

-Gaston Bachelard

Lunch and Learn: Dr. Carver will be doing a Lunch and Learn about health communication TODAY Wednesday (March 28th) from 12-1pm in the Maryville dining hall. Come and look for Drs. Carver and Dohrman at one of the tables near the windows and join us to chat more about health communication research and careers in St. Louis. We know many of you are interested in learning more about different careers in communication, so if you are interested in working in a health context within the field of communication, come join us to talk about the possibilities!

Deadline extended for the 2012 Research Symposium! Please consider submitting a final paper or a work in progress from an upper-level communication class to the 2nd Annual Research Symposium!This symposium will be held Friday, April 20th and it is an excellent opportunity to showcase your work in a public forum. Be sure to submit ASAP!

Recent Pawprint Articles: Pawprint writers are covering all sorts of campus news this week, including fall registration, the Go! St. Louis Marathon, athletics here on campus, and much more. Check it out!

Great event for Nonprofit Communication Students:The Association of Fundraising Professionals is hosting a Young Professionals Event Planning and sponsorships panel event this Thursday at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood from 6-7:30. Free to attend. Drinks and appetizers included, speakers including Jamie Vollmer (Special Events) and other speakers on trivia nights, runs, and sponsorships. Email if you would like to attend or want more information.

Withdrawal Deadline: This Friday is the last day that students at Maryville can withdraw from their classes. Please visit the Student Services Center or your advisor if you have a class you are considering dropping a class.

PRSSA Event Debrief: Allison G. wrote a great debrief that explains all that happened at Monday’s PRSSA event. If you missed the event, you can read about it on the communication blog!

New Coaching Minor on Campus: Several students have mentioned interest in sports communication as an area of focus, so I wanted to include a short note on Maryville’s new coaching minor. For more information about the minor, see the attached document. The first coaching class – EDUC 250 – will be offered this fall on MW at 8am

Job Links: Several students have mentioned looking for jobs and summer internships recently, so I wanted to catalog a few job search sites that are great for communication jobs in the St. Louis area:
  • The Rome Group is a nonprofit consulting group in the Central West End that also happens to run an amazing job listing page for nonprofit jobs in St. Louis. Other job boards in nonprofit work are the Nonprofit Services CenterCSPRC
  • For university jobs, search HERC.
  • For internships, consider or One Day, One Internship (a blog that lists a new internship every day). 
  • For jobs outside of St. Louis, consider searching One Day, One Job (the sister site of the above) for the city of your choosing. For Chicago, for instance, click here.
  • For corporate jobs, search individual company webpages or look at PRSA’s job listing page for St. Louis or the national PRSA page.
Recent Internship Opportunities: 
  • Current Student Lindsey Conboy hosted a great Lunch and Learn last week where she gave us great information about internships at the Loop in event planning. If you are interested in that opportunity for this summer, contact her at or click here for more information.
  • Disney (yes, that Disney) offers an internship program for current college students where you would go to DisneyWorld or Disneyland and spent a set period of time working for Disney. This college program is very popular and well-liked by past interns. If you are interested in this, read more on the website. It certainly sounds like fun!
What We’re Reading:  Up this week…Techcrunch! Anyone interested in social media must read this excellent technology blog to stay up-to-date on a lot of recent technology news. Enjoy!

Faculty Notes: I (Dr. Dohrman/Rebecca) am heading to Cleveland, Ohio this Thursday for the Central States Communication Association conference where I will present a paper with my dissertation advisor titled “Accessing Meaningful Work Through Innovative Methodological Approaches.” Conferences are a wonderful chance to learn new things and to share research with a wider public.  

Summer Course Option: If you are interested in advertising, be sure to sign up for this summer’s course titled Principles of Advertising with J. Korte (COMM 261). This is a course devoted solely to advertising and it would be perfect for students interested in that field specifically. Starting this Fall 2012 semester, Principles of PR and Principles of Advertising will be merged into one Principles of Strategic Communication course, so if you want advertising specifically, I would encourage you to take this course if you are looking for a good summer course!

Etiquette Dinner: Maryville’s etiquette dinner is always a hit with students! See the attached flyer for more information about this event which will be held on campus Wednesday, April 11th. 

What people are talking about in the halls…, summer internships, social media, and GRADUATION!

Make it a great week!  Rebecca DohrmanAssistant Professor, Communication

Rebecca Dohrman

Dr. Rebecca Dohrman is an Associate Professor of Communication at Maryville University.

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Rebecca Dohrman
Dr. Rebecca Dohrman is an Associate Professor of Communication at Maryville University.

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