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What Can I do with a Degree in Communication?

Our graduates have extraordinary skills in creating  or writing content and developing strategies and campaigns to help organizations accomplish their goals. For a sense of what our graduates can do, check out a few graduates’ online portfolios:

Recent Portfolios

We have alumni working in the following roles at the following organizations:

  • Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Communications Coordinator
  • Neiman Marcus, Public Relations Coordinator
  • Neighbors Credit Union, Marketing Coordinator
  • Covidien, Sales
  • LookAfter Hair, Communication Specialist
  • Victor Technologies, Digital Marketing Assistant

General Information about Career Paths for Communication Majors

• Social Media Manger
• Broadcast Journalist
• Community Outreach Coordinator
• Public Relations Researcher
• Organizational Development Specialist
• Student Services Coordinator
• Production Coordinator:

What can you do with a Communication degree? That is question that everyone wants to know. As a Communication major, you have many career paths to choose from. Even if you have an uncertainty about what direction you should go, they’re still tons of options for you to choose from.

Here are a few job positions Communication majors could consider.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Job Description:
If you’re interested in helping others and getting involved in the community, then a community outreach coordinator position could be the route you want to take after graduation. In this role, you would have to utilize your public relations skills as much as possible, so educating people about a specific cause is important, because you want others to gain awareness. Most coordinators will work for non-profit groups and rely on the public support. It is essential for the coordinator to be very knowledgeable about their cause, so they can effectively communicate to the public about particular issues going on in the community.

What are the duties of a Community Outreach Coordinator?

• Works closely with different non-profit groups
• Creates fundraising events
• Works with publicity to gain exposure for the project.
• Identifies potential community service projects.
• Promotes their cause through social media networking sites, and door-to-door- campaigns
• Interacts with customers or guests professionally
• Works with a business, corporation, or other organizations that want to have a positive public image in the community.

Skills to become a Community Outreach Coordinator:

• Computer literate
• Finds volunteers, and organizes events
• Highly organized and detail-oriented in their work
• Comfortable speaking to the public
• Outgoing/ Friendly
• Good at Multi-Tasking
• Ability to establish relationships

Event Planner

Job Description:
Being an event planner is a great way for you to get into the public relations industry. Due to this fast-pace job, you’re going to be expected to manage multi-duties in a short time frame. Having an eye for detail and the ability to adapt to change will enable you to succeed in this field. The importance of excellent communication skills is very critical when it comes to handling people. An event planner is constantly communicating with different people, so it is very critical to stay organized, calm and focused when you’re giving directions to others. Establishing a leadership role in the beginning is going to allow for people to trust your judgment.

What are the duties of an Event Planner?

• Planners must conduct the required research, establish expected outcomes and produce outlines of events
• Must be able to adapt to the constant changes involving the event
• May need to arrange for catering services, entertainment, or special equipment
• Must visualize and make an evaluation to meet objectives
• Promotes and supervises events
• Answers the questions regarding the delivery of the final production

Skills to become an Event Planner:

• Networking with prospective clients and professionals related to the industry
• Easy going/ friendly
• Works varied hours in different environments.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Comfortable directing guests and resolving disputes.
• Willing to travel
• Can adapt to unexpected circumstances
• Ability to multi-task
• Prioritizing tasks

Media Relations Specialist

Job Description:
In the Public Relations field, being a media relations specialist has many responsibilities. The importance of becoming a media specialist is to promote a positive image to the organization you are working for. Being the voice for your organization becomes very important, especially because you want to be able to convey a good message to the audience. The value of being able to communicate effectively to everyone is very critical. A lot of work entails with this position such as writing press releases, booking press releases, researching other organizations and much more. Allowing for others to understand the identity of your company becomes very essential to be successful. If you can stay organized and address to others about the significance of your company, it will show their constant progression.

Skills to become a Media Relations Specialist:

• Outgoing / Friendly
• Good verbal and written skills
• Charismatic
• Creative
• Good at Multi-Tasking

What are the duties of a Media Relations Specialist?

• Promoting and protecting the image of the organization
• Generating a positive image for the company
• Book press conferences
• Making popular media sources aware of the event
• Responsible for overseeing preparations of promotional materials
• Speak at events
• Dealing with inquiries from the press
• Managing the content in newsletters, magazines, or blogs

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