Our Mission: Thoughtful Teaching, Active Learning

The Finch Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) at Maryville University generates conversation, activities and research on teaching and learning across all academic programs. The Center promotes excellence in teaching, engagement in learning and meaningful approaches to assessment.

The Center Provides

  • Forums for disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and teaching-learning activities through various discussion groups, workshops, book groups and Lunch & Learns
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Seminars that facilitate the systematic study of classrooms and programs
  • A Team of Teaching-Learning Colleagues (TLC group) who serve as mentors, facilitators and leaders in the development of resources that will support faculty seeking to enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms
  • On-going training assistance to enhance teaching and learning through the use of technological tools
  • Innovative Incentive Grants to support creative curriculum development and research projects focused on authentic learning
  • Opportunities for exchange of ideas and presentations on scholarly teaching and scholarship of teaching and learning with international, national, and regional colleagues and scholars at the annual Maryville University SoTL Conference
  • Individualized classroom observations with feedback and confidential counseling upon request
  • Support and resources for Faculty Mentors committed to helping new faculty
  • Support for adjunct faculty through grants and workshops
  • Leadership and contribution to the development of activities that advocate for student-faculty collaboration and that integrate all of the core values represented in Maryville’s Centers of Excellence

The Finch Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) offers Maryville faculty a myriad of learning opportunities to attain its mission: Thoughtful Teaching; Active Learning.

Faculty who want to become more learner-centered in their practice can easily access practical ideas and in-depth resources at this website. Faculty who want to do research on their own classrooms can join Scholarship of Teaching and Learning/Action Research Seminars.  Faculty who want non-evaluative feedback on their practice can arrange peer observations and video-taping sessions with the Teaching Learning Colleagues (TLC).  Faculty who want to learn from national leaders in higher education and share their own expertise can participate in the annual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conference. Faculty who want to interact with colleagues in small groups can attend Lunch & Learns, Book Group sessions, and workshops. Faculty who want financial support for pursuing innovative projects can apply for Innovation Incentive Grants. Faculty who desire confidential conversations and consultations can contact members of the TLC Team or the Center Director.

We encourage all faculty members to explore this website, avail themselves of existing opportunities, and propose additions and changes that will enhance learning throughout the Maryville community.