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Welcome to the Colbeck Lab! Click here (Cardinal Research) for a video of one of our projects!



Interested? Contact me! (gcolbeck@maryville.edu)


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  • catch and band wild birds (view bird banding schedule)
  • extract DNA and perform PCR
  • culture microorganisms


Our research organisms:

  • birds
  • frogs
  • hot peppers
  • microbes


Our research topics:ScienceLabLaptop (2)

  • Genetics
  • Speciation
  • Conservation Biology
  • Behavioral Ecology


Maryville offers cutting edge research experiences in a small school environment where you’ll work one on one with your PhD faculty mentor.


These experiences prepare our students to be successful inIMG_20130912_091721

  • medical school
  • graduate school
  • industry (pharmaceuticals or biotechnology)


Feel free to contact me (gcolbeck@maryville.edu) if you have questions! If you can’t find something you like in the Colbeck lab, please IMG_3805check out the pages of my colleagues below – we are all doing very exciting work!


O’Connor Home Page

Krakos Home Page

Spudich Home Page