COREXplore Spring Break Trips

Take your learning to the next level by exploring the Maryville Core Values on a Study Away trip. 

Disney: January 1-6


Travel to Orlando to participate in the Disney Leadership Experience

Costs: $300/person includes travel, meals and lodging.

Deadline to apply is October 31.

Contact: Brian Gardner (

New Orleans: March 9-15new-orleans

Travel to the Big Easy and explore this historic city.

Costs: $300/person. Includes travel, entrance fees and lodging.

Contact: Alden Craddock (

Click Here to Sign Up

Pensacola: March 11-17 pensacola

Build relationships one wall at a time by participating in our annual Habitat for Humanity Alternative Spring Break Trip.

No experience necessary.

Costs: $350/person. Includes travel, lodging and most meals.

Contact: Kathy Quinn (

Click Here to Sign Up

Note: The actual form is not there currently, but it will appear on this page when it is available. 

St. Louis (dates TBA)

Would you like to be a part of the creation of a St. Louis-based immersive service spring break experience?

Costs to be decided.

Contact: Steve DiSalvo (

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