Degree-Specific Study Abroad

London (Teacher Education): June 7-20, 2017

Catering to pre-service education students and area educators, this study abroad trip will provide opportunities for learning about the culture, history, and school system of London, England. For two weeks, explore the city of London and surrounding sites in partnership with the University of Roehampton. Students will gain a new perspective by visiting London classrooms and learning about comparisons between the U.S. and England’s education systems.

This trip includes the opportunity to plan excursions and activities in areas of interest to the participating students.

Estimated Cost: $3,250 (6 credits) + airfare (approx. $1,500)

Contact Alden Craddock ( for more information.

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London (Education Leadership and Higher Education): July 1-9, 2017

The School of Education will be taking a group of graduate students involved in leadership studies to London. This visit will offer students the chance to visit schools, colleges, and universities in the London area and beyond whilst experiencing the culture and climate of a European capital city.

This visit enables students to investigate specific aspects of their graduate research in an international setting and to draw comparisons between the work in which they are engaged in their own institutions and those in a different country. In London, students will be given an overview of the English educational system, its successes and challenges by those  involved in putting policy into practice at the Department of Education in Whitehall and by those researching educational issues at University College London.

Contact Prof. Kevin Stokes  ( for more information.

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Japan: July 8-28, 2017

Maryville students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating culture in a first-world global city. While in Tokyo, students will visit business and government offices, museums, and other venues in order to learn about Japanese culture, society, history, business, and daily life. All students are welcome to join. Classes offered are based in art, business and finance.


Sustainable Living in Japan- an art or humanities elective

Globalization: A View from Japan- a social science or business elective, can replace Econ-470 if the class is needed.

Doing Business in Japan- a business or finance elective

Exploring the Culture of Japan- independent study

Estimated Cost: $5,750 (6 credits and includes airfare)

Contact Prof. Darlene Davison ( ,  Prof. David Johnson (, or Prof. Felix Kwan ( for more information.

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