Our group has been diligently working at the orphanage, but we are unable at this time to post pictures of the activities there due to confidentiality issues.  A professional photographer will be taking pictures this week and once the proper permissions have been received we may be able to post photos of their onsite activities here or in later publications.

Until then, please enjoy pictures of their adventures!  Again, I can’t thank Jessica (an OT student) enough for letting me use her photos for our blog.  Don’t forget – you can click on an individual photo to expand.

Although we can’t show pictures of our students actually working at the orphanage as yet, we can show you pictures of the students preparing and walking to work!


Eating has been a big topic – the food is so much better than they anticipated and they have taken many pictures of their dining experiences.



Next are some photos of our faculty posed with some dancers at a restaurant, our music therapy students performing at an open mike in town and a random photo thrown in for good measure.|
Hugo has been their interpreter and travel guide, along with his son Carlos and their friend Carol.  They have played a huge part in the success of this trip.
They’ve been taking random photos of street scenes, which are worth sharing!
And, some random photos of Antigua which give you some idea of the views they are enjoying! 
And I saved the best for last—miscellaneous group shots of our fearless travelers, including the infamous salsa dancing lesson!

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