Notes from their Adventures – Wednesday, May 18, 2011!!!

Erin, Kalli and Lauren were kind enough to write the following about their activities for our blog. 

Wednesday was another busy and productive day in Antigua!!! The day began with the super yummy breakfast at the hotel consisting of an omelete, fruit (which is amazing), beans and chips.
We continued our work at Hermano Pedro while impacting the lives of many. Excellent collaboration between the OT and MT students have began to take place. Through collaboration we have brought joy to the lives of the clients at Hermano Pedro. The clients have greatly enjoyed the activities that we have done with them including singing and dancing, and creation of shakers and name tags. All the clients LOVE the music. From all of the OT’s, thanks to the wonderful and talented music therapy students for sharing your wonderful gift of music with us and the individuals at Hermano Pedro. The smiles that we see on all of their faces as we walk through the door will forever be imprinted on our hearts.

After our work at Hermano Pedro, we have a break for lunch. Today we ate at Luna Miel (Honey Moon), this is a restaurant that serves crepes. The crepes were savory, sweet and heavenly!!! We each got a crepe or a salad to begin, then we had a sweet crepe for desert. We are all ready to go back!! Overall, the food here has been very good, not what any of us expected.

After lunch, it was time for Spanish school. Each of our lessons are one-on-one with an instructor. Everyone is learning a lot, but our brains hurt at the end of each lesson. Today, we were able to end our lesson an hour early to take part in salsa dance lessons!! Everyone enjoyed getting out of class and also really enjoyed learning salsa. I think our Spanish might be getting better…We were all able to understand the instructor who only spoke in Spanish. Becky was by far the best dancer…well kind of….

While we are here, we have 3 of the best translators and have been very spoiled!! Hugo, his son Carlos, and their friend Carol have been with us each day to assist at the orphanage while also becoming our friends. Hugo also is our travel guide, and tells us the best places to eat! We would be lost without him!!

That is all for now! More to come!!
Erin, Kalli, and Lauren

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