Two weeks before leaving on May 15th, our group of intrepid travelers met to pack up all the many donated items for their trip.  Dr. Becky von der Heyde sent out an email to faculty and staff at Maryville for donations of construction paper, pipe cleaners, masking tape, balloons, cloth or scarves, stickers, tissue boxes, oatmeal/coffee cans, etc.  The result was overwhelming and 18 packed duffel bags full of items went with them to Antigua, Guatemala.

Keep checking back for details on how these items will be used!  OT’s and MT’s are a creative bunch!

Dr. Soo-Jin Kwoun was kind enough to supply photos of their packing endeavors (click on photos to make them larger).

Believe it or not, they are actually organizing all this stuff!

Katie Norvell

It takes a lot of work to organize this stuff!

I'm not sure if the toilet paper is going to be used for crafts or personal hygiene, but they all seem pretty happy about packing these!

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