Just a Slab of Concrete…

It all starts with a slab of concrete, some big hearts, and strong wrists. My wrists, as I have learned, could have benefited from some strengthening exercises in preparation for this trip. Someone please remind me about this prior to my next trip – it would be greatly appreciated.

On a more serious note, I am always amazed by how much a group can accomplish when they rally together for a good cause. At 8:00am, we pulled up to a lot with six concrete slabs and the largest (and most organized) pile of lumber I’ve seen in a long time. By 3:00pm, we had assembled three of the four walls as well as three bedrooms. I was confident that we had a special group of women on this trip (special as in unique, ladies, not “special”), but actually seeing the house take shape was something I am finding difficult to put into words.

Pride. Pride is a good word.

Our crew consists of the Maryville 16, five crew leaders, and three women who are working hard in anticipation of their own Habitat homes. It’s a dynamic group and we’re learning a lot. I am already accustomed to terms used to distinguish the different types of boards and nails, and fully embracd my title as “the master hurricane strap fastener” until KQ came by and showed me up. She’s my hero. I will gladly pass along the title to her.

We came home exhausted, some came home burnt, and we’re all hungry, but I think we can all agree that it was well worth it. Today surpassed my expectations, which leaves me even more excited for tomorrow.