Today… was a rough… but BEYOND AWESOME last day to build the house!!

The group woke up to pots and pans with the courtesy of Mandy Moore and Ashley Bergman….and that’s when we all found out about the BIG surprise for Captain KQ and Sarah!!… Allow me to tell you the story.

At 5am, two of our group members (Ashley and Mandy) sneakily borrowed the van keys and drove to Starbucks and got our two leaders a nice cup of coffee to start their day. The best part was KQ’s and Sarah’s totally opposite reactions to the surprise. When KQ saw the coffee cup for her, she was speechless at first and then nervously laughed due to the shock. NOW. When Sarah entered the kitchen as Ashley videotaped her, and saw her Starbucks coffee cup… there was a sudden mix of jumping, screaming, arms flapping and legs kicking… then she goes: “Yeah I really have an addiction don’t I?”

So off we go to the worksite for the last time (on this trip). Most people in our van, Legit Cliff (yes we were half-named by the other van, as hard as we fought against it), took a nice morning nap, as always, and a couple of us had a nice chat and listened to music while enjoying the Floridian landscapes.

When we got to the worksite, it was raining and the crew leaders were setting up the equipment. We were all ready to work, when the rain started to fall harder. But we’re too tough for rain to stop us, so we all geared up and got to work! Hammers in hand, hard hats on, and nails in pockets ready! Since it was raining and slippery on the roof, we all worked inside the house. Somehow it sounded better to work inside with the rain falling that hard, but it felt the same since there were still gaps all over the roof. Either way, neither the rain nor the cold stopped us.

By lunch time, the rain had ceased and our shirts and jackets had almost dried up. We ate our PBJ’s and chicken salad sandwiches, drank our sweet tea and G2’s, and then… THE SHOW!! Lined up side by side, and kicking together, the group began to sing the first made-up song, which goes like this…

“Sittin’ on the roof, lookin’ like a goof, hope I don’t fall and laaaaaand in the bush. Hammerin’ some nails, cuz I’m out on bail, nah nah nah nah nah nah naahhhhh nah nah nah nahhhhh”

The crew was pretty excited to see our performance I gotta say.. but they didn’t know that we had made up another song while working on the house that day… so we sang and danced to that too. Went like this:

“From the window, to the wall! Rain drippin’ down those walls! All these nails don’t  fall! All these nails don’t fall! …. HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER HAMMERRRRRRR”

So yes. Lunch was quite a blast today. Got back to work, and at last finished our part for the home!!! We were all so proud, and at the same time sad to have to leave the house without seeing the complete product (but not to worry, we WILL get to see this someday).

We all wrote our personal messages on the inside walls, took one last look at what we helped to build, and drove off.. actually waving good-bye to the beautiful new house.

Truly an amazing experience and quite a last day to build! After a day like today (with pouring rain and quite cold weather) to work on a house, we can be certain that literally NOTHING… NOTHING can stop our group from working together to make others happy.

Changing lives.