No Pain, No Gain

I think we all woke up this morning feeling soreness in muscles we didn’t know existed. Fortunately for Habitat, we are a committed group and after a quick breakfast, piled into the vans and headed to the job site to begin day two.

Today’s goals consisted of putting up the rest of the walls, the Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) and raising the trusses up at the front and back of the house. Basically, this all comes down to really good communication. Raising each of the trusses is a daunting task. First, everyone in the group must work together to bring the truss in through the front door. Once situated in the house, four people holding handmade “Shepherd poles” raise the truss and move it to the precise location where people on the roof wait to fasten it into place. Since two people work outside the house and two in the house, it’s important for everyone to cease what they’re doing to focus on the one task. I found it hard to sit back and watch a few people do the work, but learned how important it was just to sit in one of the windows to relay information so everyone was on the same page. Looking back at the house as we were leaving, I couldn’t believe how quickly we saw everything taking shape and really, how much more natural it felt to be a part of it all.

After another great dinner and a marathon of “Wife Swap” episodes, we began to lose the ladies one by one to drooping eyelids. By 10:00pm, Kathy and I couldn’t help but laugh because we were the only ones still awake in the house. A good night’s sleep is a great reward for another job well done.