Sandy Monday Morning!!

(Important Side note: this blog was supposed to go up at 3:30pm today… my laptop froze.. oops.. let’s just pretend it’s 3:30pm as you read ok? ok!!)

So we are back at the house from an overly-fun and crazy morning at the beach. Some of us are suntanned… nice. Some got raccoon eyes… nice. Some others are now sun burnt… ouch. Well no matter! That doesn’t change the fact that the group had a fun time asking strangers running by the beach to take our pictures… and then watching them run faster to get away. We had a priceless encounter with a young man who flat-out slouched and sighed when we asked him to take our picture… nice. Pictures of the group’s back, front, profiles… jumping, running, laying down, piggy-back-riding… pyramids! Any kind of imaginable pose… we got. Two people were sand-buried.. up to the neck! … then into the freezing-cold water to rinse off. Brrr!

DOLPHINS!!!! We saw dolphins in the distance by the shore!!! Chocolate brown and so many! Amazing sight! The jelly fish at the edge of the sea shore was sooo cool!! So shiny and wooooaahhhhh… You can probably tell I’d never seen one before.. I couldn’t stop staring at it! So huge!! I almost stepped on it too!! Anyway, wnough about the shiny jellyfish..Then a while later, while still on the beach, people back at the house yell at the top of their lungs for us to notice the dolphins who have come back to visit the shore… and apparently no one moved…  the sun got to us.. and we were totally out.. what a life.

Everyone’s getting ready now to head out to dinner! And we’re all starving… Rawrrrrr… That was my stomach… and I’m sure everyone else’s. The restaurant that we’re going to, which apparently is delicious and extremely filling, has a lit-up bus outside for advertisement. We all found it a bit creepy when we noticed life-sized dummies of people inside the bus… moving… nice.

Anyway, gotta get going! Almost time to head out! We’ll see how it goes. Stay posted for updates on the rest of the night.. it’ll be sweeeet!

Adios amigos!