We have ARRIVED!!!!

After a laborious trek across bumpy Arkansas roads and endless Mississippi mudslides?…we are beachy. The pack had quite an adventure as the two vans filed in a caravan. These two vehicles were aptly named after their respective paint-jobs and contents. The large red van led the way captained by KQ herself. After much deliberation (12 or so hours of deliberation that is), this van donned the name “The Legit RAWRS” (aka Clifford). Following close behind you would find a sandy-colored van piloted by the Starbucks-fueled Sarah. This van was named “The Sand Monsters” (about 5 minutes into the journey).

So fast forward past attractive gents in Mississippi gas stations, catch-phrases beginning with “this comes from a cow…”, and signs that read “honk if you love puppies” and we bring you here: Our camp Maryville. A pink beach house on stilts (it kinda resembles an embarrassed giraffe from the outside). From the inside, you would find a house of resting Saints ready for our mission. Ready to get going and get building. We all know this week will change our lives and we will not forget it.

For now, sleep beckons. Tomorrow is a rest up/fun day before we get to constructing. The ocean is whispering sweet nothings in our ears.

-The Habitat Saints Crew :D


On Sunday, March 4, 2012, 14 Maryville University students will embark on a 740-mile journey to kick off another year of the university’s annual alternative spring break trip to Pensacola, Florida. These students have volunteered their week to work in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity (www.habitat.org) to construct a home.¬†Students will be starting with a slab of concrete and working up; hopefully completing the skeleton of the house in¬†four days.

We invite you to follow our blog, as we will be documenting our experiences throughout the duration of the trip. Thank you in advance for your support of these students as they give up their break to give back to those in need.