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Website and Internal Portal

on August 15, 2011 by

There has been much talk lately about the differences between our website and the new internal portal. Both are powerful communication tools. Which is the right place for your content? The answer lies in your audience.

In the coming months, the content on our website,, will be redesigned and relaunched. The primary objective of the new website will be marketing to and recruitment of prospective students. The work of the Interactive Media Group will be to develop new and exciting ways to market the university and our academic programs to this external audience. This will include new video development such as faculty and student profiles, program overviews, campus tours and more. We will be working with each department or program to repackage your content as we move through this process.

As we review content on our current website we will be identifying content that is primarily directed an internal audience. We will be assisting you in getting that information moved to the new portal, As a rule of thumb if your target audience is someone who has a Maryville email address, then likely that content belongs on the internal portal. Things like forms for design requests or menus for food services are examples of internal content. In the coming weeks there will be more details and training on how to publish content to the internal portal. Now is a good time to start rethinking your content and defining your audience.

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