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Saints Rewards: Part 1 – Introduction

on November 8, 2012 by

So, I’m looking at our blog and it is sorely out of date! I was just wondering today what I could write about to spice up the site a little bit.

The Brainchild

My goal is to give you kind folks an idea into our world and development cycle. I’m hoping for this to be a series of posts highlighting the process we go through when creating our “interactive magicness”.

The Project

Today, I met with some folks about implementing a rewards program for students that attend different events on campus. Luckily, I had already worked on something similar to this a couple of years ago for the Campus Activities Board (CAB). The previous application allowed someone with a laptop to scan student ID cards at campus events and the students would receive rewards after attending ‘x’ number of events.

So what’s changing? What’s the Twist?

The new application will be a points system to reward students for attending events on campus. It will need to have a leader board for the students to view and see where they are in the standings. As they attend more events they will increase their level (level up). I’m not sure at this point if they receive prizes as they level up. I believe there are prizes at the end of the contest for the top students.


As our department is responsible for the digital signs on campus, I think it would be a fun idea to create a couple of digital signs showing the leader boards and another showing upcoming events to earn points.


The existing application is written in ASP.NET/C#. We’ll be sticking with ASP.NET/C# for this new application and putting it on our intranet server.

Who’s Involved?

Kate will be involved with creating the digital signs using Adobe Flash. Katrina will be involved with creating any graphics needed for the project. I’ll be creating the database schema and doing the programming work involved for the back-end of this beast. Last but not least, Michael will be there for moral support!


The much anticipated launch date is January 2013.

So who’s with us? Anyone out there interested in a peek at our world?

Giddyup, what’s next?

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