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It’s So Beautiful! It’s So Cool! (January Edition)

on January 31, 2013 by

Our team spends a lot of time building and making and fixing, and in the process (and also because it is just a part of who we all are), we find a lot of beautiful or useful things.

Each month we want to share a handful of the best things we have found. Things that might inspire or help you in your work.

Let us know what you think, and let us know what you want to see more of: what we should keep our eyes open for, our ears to the digital ground for.

Easy on the Eyes
a few of the most stunning pieces of media we’ve seen recently…

Two Fires Short Documentary
A gentle, almost meditative look into the lives of two artists.  I love how the camera quietly ‘notices’ so many details and brings a deep and layered richness to the story of these two people. (KB)

Snow Fall
A glimpse into the future of multimedia storytelling (and the most accessible, understandable animation detailing how avalanches happen you will ever see). (MD)

Growing is Forever
Giant redwoods play the starring role in this [three minute] film. The creators description tugs at me: ‘This is my best attempt to capture the reverence I feel when in the presence of these giants.’  I think that definitely comes through in the video. (KB)

Stuff You Wish You Knew Existed
some useful sites or gear that might not be on your radar yet…

Data: Lots and Lots of Data
Increased public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. (EJ)

Ostrich Pillow
The ostrich pillow is the ultimate napping tool (‘neither a pillow, nor cushion, bed or garment’).  I love seeing products where the designers have taken risks.  I would totally use this on an airplane – if I was feeling bold that is! (KB)

Free Romantic Fonts just in time for Valentine’s Day
Free fonts you can use on  Valentine’s Day crafts or websites that need a romantic feel.  There are a lot of nice fonts in this list that could be used for any type of project so don’t be scared away by the romantic-ness of it all. (KB)

generally doesn’t need a tagline description…

Foldify iPad App
Cool iPad app that let’s you create 3d figures and print them.  Looks like a great way to spend a rainy afternoon and a nice way to use technology to make physical objects. (KB)

Pirate Talkin’
From APIHub, I created a fun plugin for WordPress that translates English into words spoken by a Pirate. (EJ)

On the Spinach
This illusrator’s take on the classic Popeye figure continues the culture-wide fascination of retrofitting superheros of yesteryear for today. (MD)

Geek Corner
where, it turns out, some of the coolest kids do, in fact, hang out…

People Movin
A beautiful visualization of migration flows across the world. (KB)

A place to publish, discover and consume APIs. (EJ)

That Breadcrumb is Hot!
Coding a Graceful Breadcrumb Navigation Menu In CSS3 (We used this on the Commencement site: (EJ)

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