Letter Request

Family Invitation Letter Request – Temporarily unavailable. Email sparrott1@maryville.edu.

  • B1/B2 Visitor Visa Supporting Letter to invite friends and family for a 6 month visit to the US

Verification Letter Request – Temporarily unavailable. Email sparrott1@maryville.edu.

  • Missouri Drivers Licence
  • Missouri State ID
  • SSN Letter (upon eligible job offer)
  • Travel Letter
  • Concurrent Enrollment Letter

For students sponsored by SACM, complete the letter request form, send along your most recent degree planning and have your academic advisor to sign it, then upload the letter through the SACM portal. Rick Lane will sign these form as your academic advisor.

  1. SACM_Evaluation letter for university change 
  2. SACM_Evaluation letter for university and major change 
  3. SACM_Evaluation letter for major change
  4. SACM_Evaluation letter for scholarship end date adjustment 
  5. SACM_Evaluation letter for scholarship extension 
  6. SACM_Evaluation letter for taking online course

*If you are unable to fill the form from within your browser window, please download the form and open it with Adobe Reader.