Social Media comes of age

The term “Social Media” has been around for a while and despite what some have been hoping – that the fad will just go away- it doesn’t appear to be coming true. Just as the use of technology in our lives has become pervasive, social media seem here to stay. Time to get familiar with it.

The term social media, according to this Wikipedia post, includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communication into interactive dialogue. Social media is media for social interaction and exists as a super-set beyond social communication. A VERY brief list of some of the more common web-based applications that are considered social media include, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr and Diigo.

So you might be wondering how social media relates to teaching and learning. As our students are entering the University well-versed with social media tools and trends, to the point that most the term “social media” probably has to distinction to them from any other type of media nor social collaboration, it is becoming more and more clear that the use of social media, does in fact have a serious place in the classroom.

Here is an article that was recently published in Campus Technology describing how two faculty members at Virginia’s Shenandoah University and Georgetown are beginning to use Twitter and Google+ in their classes. I invite you to read the article and start to envision the possibility of introducing forms of social media into your classes.

As always, we can help. We will be conducting sessions on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter this spring, so stay tuned to your email (not social media) for an announcement on dates and times.

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