Course Evaluations

Maryville University’s online course evaluations are one of the measures used to evaluate and improve educational effectiveness.  Online evaluations (OLE) are conducted each semester for courses with more than four students.  The University uses a web-based system which keeps all student responses, including comments, anonymous. Once the grading period is finished, this system allows for immediate access to final results to encourage sharing of information that can be used to plan, develop, and revise curricula and methods of instruction.

The survey period typically opens one week before the last class for the eight-week courses and two weeks before the last class for 16-week courses.  The survey period ends the day before grades are due. The survey results are released to faculty members one-two weeks after grades are due.  This gives enough time for faculty to submit final grades before the results are made available for review.

Course  Evaluation Question Guide- this is information that explains the different questions and sections on the Course Evaluations:

  1. Questions #1-#9 are course questions which are a student’s personal evaluation of themselves for the course.
  2. Questions #10-#28 are the instructor questions which are the student’s evaluation of the instructors.  The instructor questions are separated into 4 different categories on the evaluation:
      1. Facilitating Student Learning (#10-12)
      2. Instruction (#13-19)
      3. Establishing Expectations (#20-23)
      4. Communication (#24-28)