How to Submit an ePortfolio Presentation to a Dropbox Folder

One question I’ve received lately from a few students is “How should I submit my D2L ePortfolio presentation to a dropbox folder.”

Well, I though I’d do a short explanation !

To submit a D2L ePortfolio presentation to a dropbox folder:

1. First, log into your course and select “Dropbox” from the navigation bar. Then, click on the name of the folder you are going to submit to.


2. From the “submit ¬†files” page, select “Add a File.”

Dropbox 2

3. The “Add a File” dialogue box will appear. On the left hand side choose “ePortfolio.” This will display ALL of the artifacts that you have in your ePortfolio space.

Dropbox 3

4. Locate the presentation you want to submit. Check the radio button to the left of it, and choose “select item” at the very bottom. It will process this request (should only take a second or to), then you will be kicked back out to the original “Submit Files” page.

Dropbox 34

Dropbox 4

5. When you are ready to submit, choose “Submit” at the very bottom of the page.

Dropbox 5

That is it ! Once submitted, the faculty can view, grade, and provide feedback just like any other file.

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D2L: How to Reorder Dropbox Folders

If you use the “Dropbox” tool, one thing you may need to do is reorder the folders. Folders are listed in the order they where created, so if your first assignment was the last folder you set up, it will be at the bottom of the list. It makes sense to put these folders in chronological order.

To reorder Dropbox folders:

1. Select “Dropbox” from the navigation bar, then choose “More Actions” and “Reorder.”Dropbox 1 Dropbox 22. This will bring you to the “reorder” page. Use the dropdown arrows on the right side column (“Sort Order”) to reorder the folders. When finished, select “Save.”

Dropbox 33. When you select “Save,” it will take you back out to the Dropbox main page, and your folders will be in their proper order !

Dropbox 4


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Grademark: How to Display the Markup Icon to Students

D2L has changed the integration of Grademark and D2L (slightly). Before, if you used Grademark, the markup icon would appear to students after a specific period of time (30 minutes). Well, there is a new way to get that markup icon to display, as it won’t display automatically any more.

How to get the “markup” icon to display for students:

1. From within Grademark (when finished marking up document), be sure to input a score in the appropriate area in the upper right hand side of the screen.Grademark Grademark - Copy2. Exit out of Grademark and go into D2L. Select the “refresh” button for the file you were grading. This will pull the score from Grademark into D2L. This tells Grademark that you are finished with the assignment, and that students can now view their “markup”

Grademark 2Grademark 2 - Copy (2) 3. The first two steps will complete the process.

4. Note: You can then choose “use this score,” which will send this grade to the right hand column. Then, when finished (and saved), will be added to the gradebook.

Grademark 3

Grademark 3

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D2L v. 10.1: Dropbox Changes (Introducing “Due Date”)

Continuing on with the theme of “what is new in D2L 10.1,” there is a notable change in Dropbox, specifically with date restrictions.

What is different ?

The big new difference is in the date availabilities. There are now 3 options when it comes to setting dates for Dropbox: Start Date, Due Date, and End Date.

Start Date-The day that the Dropbox first becomes available to students

Due Date (**NEW)– The day that the assignment is to be turned in

End Date-The last day that the Dropbox is available to students.


Why does this matter ?

The benefit to this is that you can set a due date that is BEFORE the end date, allowing students to turn in assignments after the due date (marked as late of course). On previous versions only the “end date” was available, and once that end date was reached, the Dropbox folder was unavailable. This led to students emailing papers that needed to be submitted online. Due date solves these issues!

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D2L v. 10.1: Big Changes in Content !

Maryville University is updating to D2L version 10.1 on Friday, January 4th, 2013. With this new upgrade comes a few big changes, specifically in content and discussions. I will be highlighting the content changes below.

For v.10.1, content has be COMPLETELY redesigned (see below).

As, you can see below, content has been redesigned. There are now a few components of content. The first one that you come to is “Course Overview.” This is where you can type a course description and this a good place to attach a syllabus.

10.1 Content

One of the GREAT new features is D2L 10.1 now has a drag and drop compatibility. What does this mean? Basically, you can highlight a document on your desktop and drag it into your course! It will then automatically create. Below is a screen shot of me dragging a syllabus into the “Course Overview” section.

drag and drop

As you can see below, the file is automatically added into the “Course Overview.” This brings me to the next BIG feature for D2L 10.1. IT CAN READ WORD DOCS ! There is no need to download the syllabus out of D2L as students can now read word documents in D2L.


Again, the course overview is a great place to insert your syllabus AND to type in a course description (see below).

course descriptionCourse Overview finished

The next section of the new content area is “Upcoming Events.” Upcoming events draws directly into the calendar. SO, when you are creating items in D2L (dropbox folder, discussion boards, quizzes….etc), and it prompts you to enter in an “end date,” and some prompt you to to “Add to calendar.” If you choose to “add to calendar” it will automatically add that item into the “Upcoming Events” section. (see below). Note: Dropbox folders are AUTOMATICALLY added into calendar now, no need to select “add to calendar,” as that is now only for quizzes and discussions.

Upcoming EventsDropboxDropbox FolderDropbox Folder Due DatesUpcoming Events List

Now, the next section “Table Of Contents.” This section will display all of the items that you have in the course (modules, topics– links, files…etc). This is where you can create new modules, and add topics (like files and links) into content. You can also easily copy course components from previous courses quickly from this area.

add moduleModule OptionsModule ActivitiesModule Activities 1Module 1Module 1 optionsModule 2Module 2 DescriptionModule 2 Description part 2



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Cloud Storage: Dropbox Introduces File Sharing (even with users who don’t use it !)

Dropbox, the cloud storage tool, introduced a new feature that allows you to easily share files using links. In the past if you wanted to share files the person you were sharing with had to also be using Dropox, and the two of you shared a folder. Now, you can send the person a link of the file (see below), and they can view it on the web (sort of like you would in Google Docs).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dropbox, check out the video below.

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