Assign Assignments/Quizzes to Students with Different Due Dates

When setting up assignments or quizzes in Canvas, you can assign an assignment or quiz to everyone and/or individual students. This feature can be helpful if you have a student athlete who will be absent for an event and needs to submit an assignment or quiz early.

Adding an Additional Due/Availability Date

Follow these steps to add an additional due or availability date to an assignment or quiz.

1. In the Settings section of Assignments or Quizzes, click + Add.
2. Click in the Assign to box, and choose a student(s).
3. Add new Due and Available from dates.

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D2L v. 10.1: Dropbox Changes (Introducing “Due Date”)

Continuing on with the theme of “what is new in D2L 10.1,” there is a notable change in Dropbox, specifically with date restrictions.

What is different ?

The big new difference is in the date availabilities. There are now options when it comes to setting dates for Dropbox: Start Date, Due Date, and End Date.

Start Date-The day that the Dropbox first becomes available to students

Due Date (**NEW)– The day that the assignment is to be turned in

End Date-The last day that the Dropbox is available to students.


Why does this matter ?

The benefit to this is that you can set a due date that is BEFORE the end date, allowing students to turn in assignments after the due date (marked as late of course). On previous versions only the “end date” was available, and once that end date was reached, the Dropbox folder was unavailable. This led to students emailing papers that needed to be submitted online. Due date solves these issues!

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