Apple TV’s: How to Mirror an iPad/iPhone

Over the summer we’ve added apple TV’s to all classrooms on campus:

The great thing about Apple TV’s is that it allows you to wirelessly project your iPad/iPhone on the projector in the classroom. Below are instructions for doing just that.

Apple TV Instructions

1. Turn on the projector in the room.

photoA2. Switch the input to “Apple TV.”

photo_1A3. The Apple TV will begin displaying on the projector.

photo_2A4. Turn on your iPad/iPhone, and double click the “Home” button. A menu bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Take your finger and “swipe” the menu bar to the right to reveal a new set of buttons.

iPad Home Buttonphoto  5. A new series of buttons will appear. Select the “AirPlay” button.

photo_16. This will provide a list of the available rooms with Apple TV’s in them. Select the room you are in, and choose to turn “mirroring on” for that Apple TV.photo_3photo_6

 7. Once you select to “Mirror” the Apple TV, a code will appear on the projector screen. One your iPad/iPhone, a place to insert that code will appear. This code insures that you have full control over what is being displayed on the projector. Input that code on the iPad/iPhone.

photo_3Aphoto_48. Once the code is input, select “Ok.” The screen from the iPad/iPhone will display on the projector.

***NOTE: If the iPad/iPhone has a blue line across the top of it, it means that it is being “mirrored” (displayed elsewhere).

photo_5photo_4ATo stop “mirroring” : To stop displaying the iPad/iPhone on the projector, go through steps 3, 4, & 5 above and turn off mirroring.

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New Magnetic Keyboard & Game Pad for iPhone 5

I was catching up on recent technology news on and ran across an interesting article highlighting a new iPhone accessory. iPhone5Mod, a Chinese company that makes Apple accessories, just released a magnetic keyboard and game pad for the iPhone 5.

screen-shot-2013-01-02-at-10-09-00-am screen-shot-2013-01-02-at-10-09-28-amThese accessories are ultra thin, and easily storeable within an iPhone case. If you do a lot of mobile “work” Or “game play,” and dislike the traditional iPhone keyboard, I can see these being useful.  See the below video for a demonstration of these accessories.

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