Desire2Learn now covered in now has a tutorial on Desire2Learn. There are not a ton of videos, but it has a good variety of things like: personal settings, chat, discussion boards, gradebook settings, content, creating video notes, and even, setting intelligent agents and using release conditions. This is in addition to the help that is found from the homepage of the LMS.

If you haven’t yet created an account on, now is your chance. It’s free and there is a ton of information out there for you to explore. Here is a post on how to create your account.

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How to Set Up a Account

As you may know, Maryville University has a campus wide license for is an online library of courses on software tools and skills. With a library of over 180,000 videos, is the premiere organization in terms of providing opportunities for personal and professional development.

To get a glimpse of what is all about, please view:

To sign up for (from on campus), go to and fill out the registration form (“create a profile”) to create your user name and password.

To sign up for (From OFF campus), you will need someone on campus to create your profile for you (contact and we can set up your account). We need your Maryville email address, first name and last name. Once we create the account manually, you will receive an email from asking you to “complete your profile.” (see below)

Lynda.com1Once you select “Complete Profile,” (the blue link the center of the email) you will be taken to the Maryville University Login for It will ask you to set up a password, choose your user type (student, staff, faculty), and to choose your area. All of these questions need to be answered. Once completed, select “Save,” and you will be logged into

LyndacomscreenFrom now on, you can go to, and log in directly to the site by using your Maryville University email address as your username and the password you just set up.

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As most of you know, Maryville University has a campus wide license to is a professional development website with over 80,000 training tutorials (select here to get signed up for an account).

One great thing about is that when you finish a “course” you can get a certificate completion. Instructors can use this as professional development “proof,” or as a way to verify students have viewed certain courses in the lynda training library.

1. To view your “certificates of completion,” go to and log into the site. Then, from the top menu bar select “My Courses”


2. This will give you a listing of all of the courses you have completed. For each certificate you can either “view/print” OR “share.”

Lynda 1


3. If you select “view/print” the certificate will pop up in a new browser window and you can either print the certificate OR to save it as a PDF.

view print cert4. if you select “Share,” you have the ability to share this achievement via email, URL link, Faceboo, Twitter, and/or Linkedin.

lynda share

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