D2L: Navigation Bar is Back in the Gradebook !

For those of you who don’t know, we recently updated D2L from 10.1 SP4 to 10.1 SP5. With this upgrade comes the return of the navigation bar within the gradebook! Before this upgrade, the navigation bar disappeared when you were in “enter grades,” and there was no obvious way of getting out of the gradebook (see below).

Grades 2Above is the old version where the navigation bar disappeared. Below is the new and improved version !

Grades 1

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D2L v. 10.1: Dropbox Changes (Introducing “Due Date”)

Continuing on with the theme of “what is new in D2L 10.1,” there is a notable change in Dropbox, specifically with date restrictions.

What is different ?

The big new difference is in the date availabilities. There are now options when it comes to setting dates for Dropbox: Start Date, Due Date, and End Date.

Start Date-The day that the Dropbox first becomes available to students

Due Date (**NEW)– The day that the assignment is to be turned in

End Date-The last day that the Dropbox is available to students.


Why does this matter ?

The benefit to this is that you can set a due date that is BEFORE the end date, allowing students to turn in assignments after the due date (marked as late of course). On previous versions only the “end date” was available, and once that end date was reached, the Dropbox folder was unavailable. This led to students emailing papers that needed to be submitted online. Due date solves these issues!

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D2L is Broken….What do I do ?

Our office gets a decent amount of calls/emails about different D2L functions not working. For anyone who is interested, I wanted to take the time to explain the process LDT goes through when we get one of these reports in.

First, if something isn’t working in D2L, you need to email learn@maryville.edu OR call 314.529.9316 (my office) to report it immediately.

Here is a typical progression of how these issues are solved (for anyone who is curious)

1. Faculty emails/calls me to say they can’t do something in D2L.

2. If I am aware of the issue, I give the faculty the workaround. Workarounds to issues are posted, as we become aware of them, on the News widget in D2L.

3. If this issue is new to me, the first thing I do is ask the faculty what internet browser they are using. If the answer is not one of the D2L recommended browser (PC=Internet Explorer 9,  MAC =Firefox (latest version)), I test the issue using the correct browser. If I cannot replicate the issue using a recommended browser, then this is clearly an issue with the browser they are using. Solution: I refer the user to the help desk to get help downloading the proper browser.

4. If they report they are using one of the recommended browsers, I test it to confirm. If I replicate the issue, I then test this same issue in the other common web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome). Solution: If I am unable to replicate the issue in one of the other common web browsers, I recommend that they use this alternative web browser for the time being.

5. Now that I know what the issue is, and which browsers it is impacting, I submit a ticket to the D2L help desk stating that “X doesn’t work in browser Y and Z.”

6. If this is a critical issue (i.e. something that effects a large population on campus), I post a news item in D2L regarding the issue.

7. Here is where it becomes tricky. D2L can take a day, or a few weeks to resolve this issue. Sometimes there is no resolution, and this is something they will have to build into the next upgrade. Regardless, LDT, almost daily, asks D2L for updates on outstanding tickets.

8. When the issue is resolved, we contact the faculty who first reported it, and update the news item in D2L. If it highly critical, we send out an email to the campus.

Again, if you experience any issues with D2L it is important to report it immediately so that we can work on solving it. In addition, D2L does a great job at taking feedback on their current features. I, from time to time, submit tickets based off of feedback from faculty on features they would LIKE to see incorporated into D2L.


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