Online course evaluations are now open for fall 2013 courses!

Maryville University values your input and makes important course and programmatic decisions based on your feedback.

Make your voice heard – remember to complete your Online Course Evaluations today.

You will receive emails prompting you to fill these out AND there will be a widget placed on the Course Home page of each D2L course with a link out to the online course evaluations.

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Course Evaluations: How to Increase Student Participation

The end of the semester marks the beginning of course evaluations. Course evaluations are really a time honored tradition that become routine after a semester or two in college. Primarily, course evaluations are used to evaluate individual faculty, however, they also serve to evaluate the University as a whole.  Maryville University values the student’s input and makes important decisions based on their feedback.

How Does Maryville University administer course evaluations ?

Maryville University uses a web-based system which keeps all student responses and comments anonymous.  Online evaluations (OLE) are conducted each semester for courses with more than four students.

When are Course Evaluations Available ?

The Course Evaluation survey period typically opens one week before the last class for the eight-week courses and two weeks before the last class for 16-week courses. The survey period ends the day before grades are due.

What are Some Tips For Getting Students to Participate ?

1. Remind students to take them !

Faculty are emailed every week to remind them to encourage their students to fill out the evaluations.  This can be a great way to increase participation rates for a course because it shows the students that the faculty cares about their feedback.

Students are also emailed every 4 days with the Course Evaluation link to remind them to complete their surveys.  The link is also available in D2L and the portal.  Paper fliers are posted around campus and digital signs are also used to remind students.

2. Spend class time filling out the survey

You could take 10 minutes out of class to fill out the survey. To do this, you could require that students bring their laptops to class, reserve a computer lab, or check out the mobile laptop cart OR ipad cart on campus.

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