EdX Announces New Courses (Spring 2013)

EdX, the MOOC partnership between Harvard, MIT, Berkley, The University of Texas System, Wellesley, and Georgetown, just announced a crop of new FREE online courses (MOOC’s) for Spring 2013.

These new courses include:

In addition to these new courses, edX is bringing back several courses from the popular fall 2012 semester: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming; Introduction to Solid State Chemistry; Introduction to Artificial Intelligence; Software as a Service I; Software as a Service II; Foundations of Computer Graphics.

Information courtesy of edX December 19th Announcement.

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Spring 2013 Courses Now Available in D2L.

Spring 2013 courses are now available in D2L.

What does this mean ?

This means that ALL faculty can now access their courses and begin preparing the D2L course shells for the Spring 2013 semester.

What does this mean for students ?

Students do not have access to courses until 14 days before the first day of class. This means that students will not begin to see the courses in D2L until around the first of the year.

On the course home page, below the title of your course, you will notice a “course access starts” date (see below). This is the date that students can begin accessing the course. If you need to change this date, please see our previous post outlining the process.

My course doesn’t show up. Why ?

All courses and enrollments within those courses are being sent to D2L nightly. If you are properly enrolled as the instructor for a course, your course should be visible within D2L. If your course is not showing up in D2L, here are a few reasons why this is (possibly) happening:


1. You are not the assigned instructor for the course in Datatel (the registration system). This is common with adjuncts who are still waiting for their paperwork to be process, or if assignments to classes are being made late.

2. You ARE in Datatel, but that enrollment occurred today. If this is the case, you would be sent over to D2L when the systems sync overnight.

How do I solve these issues ?

The easiest way to figure out the answers to the above questions is to go to AccessMaryville and search for your course. If it says that the instructor is “To Be Announced,” then you need to contact your departmental administrative assistant and make sure they enroll you in the course.

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