Welcome to the Maryville University online home of the LIVEDemocracy campaign.  LIVEDemocracy is Maryville University’s effort to ensure that our faculty, staff and students fulfill their responsibilities of citizenship.  The campaign is a non-partisan effort to education, empower and engage our community to make informed choices in voting during the Presidential election 2012.  LIVEDemocracy is a campus-wide campaign organized by the Center for Civic Education and Democracy and involving activities by the College Activities Board (CAB), Finch Center for Teaching and Learning, Maryville Student Government and the Office of the President. Here is what you can find on our site:

About Us: Who we are and what why we are doing this campaign
Candidates: Basic information on Presidential candidates
Digital Signs: Election information that is displayed on university digital signs
Elections 101: Information on the Presidential election system
Get Involved!: Events and activities of the LIVEDemocracy campaign
Issues: Non-partisan information on the crucial issues of the election
MU Polls: What YOU think about 2012 election issues
National Polls: Results from current national polls
Resources: Links to other election information on the web
Welcome!: Home page

This site will continue to grow with more information about the candidates, issues and process of the election as the fall continues.  So check back often!  The information will largely be contributed by students at Maryville enrolled in the 2012 Elections Honors Class but also from other classes and organizations at Maryville.  We hope that this will assist our community in making their critical choice for President and welcome your suggestions and comments to ensure this site is helpful.

Choosing our leaders is more than a right of democratic citizenship – it is a responsibility.  We hope that this site will help you exercise your right in a responsible way and that you will join us in the many activities we have planned.  Essentially, we hope our site will help you LIVEDemocracy!