To all you voters out there (yes, I’m assuming you intend to vote – if not, why would you be reading this?), fear not!  We are here to make your lives just a bit less hectic and a bit more informed this election year.  Here at LiveDemocracy, we have scoured the Internet in our painstaking effort to compile for you a single source through which you might (re)familiarize your self with the issues on which you will be voting this November 6th… then we found out other people had done that already, so we’ll just provide links to their work instead.  You can still thank us if you’d like though.


Check your voter registration status, find out who’s running and what state propositions are up for a vote in the NewsChannel 5 Missouri Voters’ Guide for the 2012 general election.                             


For those of you from Illinois, don’t worry, neither we at LiveDemocracy nor the good people at KSDK (NewsChannel 5) have forgotten about you.


Need to double-check your Voter Registration Information?  Not sure where your local polling place is?  Don’t panic.  Once again, LiveDemocracy has got your back!

For residents of Missouri:

For residents of Illinois: