Last pictures of Japan!

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Time constraints have kept me from adding the last remaining pictures until now, so here goes:

Following is a picture of our fearless travelers experiencing a meal of sushi.  As you can tell, the reaction was not universal.

Taylor Bell and Nijmeh Rapp's expressions are priceless!!!

Jarrod Ivie, in a feeding frenzy, gets attacked by an octopus arm

After a good meal, it was traditional Japanese karaoke in a private room.

Jessica Hilker rockin' out!

Taylor Bell wearing her new kimono!

Near the end of their travels, our students experienced a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at Kodaji Temple. 

Jarrod Ivie learns the traditional way to brew tea

 And it’s always very sad to leave our new friends behind . . . .

Nathan Avilez and a new friend. I was told his mom wouldn't let him bring it home.

Dr. Kwoun meets up with a friend while abroad thanks to Twitter!

Nijmeh Rapp and Hello Kitty!

Nathan Avilez appears to get a backrub from his new friend Pikachu!