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Last pictures of Japan!

And so the trip comes to an end.

On Day 8 they took a ferry and a bus from Irako to Kyoto.  Pictures are a bit lacking here as Dr. Kwoun experienced motion sickness, so her photo-documentary skills were a bit challenged.  The ferry was outfitted to appear like a pirate ship.









Time constraints have kept me from adding the last remaining pictures until now, so here goes:

Following is a picture of our fearless travelers experiencing a meal of sushi.  As you can tell, the reaction was not universal.

Taylor Bell and Nijmeh Rapp's expressions are priceless!!!

Jarrod Ivie, in a feeding frenzy, gets attacked by an octopus arm

After a good meal, it was traditional Japanese karaoke in a private room.

Jessica Hilker rockin' out!

Taylor Bell wearing her new kimono!

Near the end of their travels, our students experienced a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at Kodaji Temple. 

Jarrod Ivie learns the traditional way to brew tea

 And it’s always very sad to leave our new friends behind . . . .

Nathan Avilez and a new friend. I was told his mom wouldn't let him bring it home.

Dr. Kwoun meets up with a friend while abroad thanks to Twitter!

Nijmeh Rapp and Hello Kitty!

Nathan Avilez appears to get a backrub from his new friend Pikachu!

We have more pictures!

Dr. Kwoun and the power cord to her laptop have been reunited!!!  Pictures are flooding in from their journey.  All travelers have returned to their appropriate destinations and are no doubt doing laundry, sleeping and sharing anecdotes and photos of their travels with friends and relatives. 

Check out past blogs of their experiences for additional photos!  Here’s some pictures of their travels in Tokyo!! 

One of the oldest shrine's in Tokyo



Visitors bring sake to the shrine to pay homage


Visitors wash their hands before entering the shrine


 Off to shop in Tokyo!!!




Our travelers tried a Japanese traditional meal shabu shabu and skiyaki for dinner. 




 Day 7 – Heading to Hakone!

The next morning our group traveled to the countryside to visit an active volcano. 

On the road to Hakone








Are we having fun?


 After Hakone, they took a bullet train and then a one hour bus ride to Irako beach. 

Bullet train!


Irako Beach


At the hotel at Irako Beach, the hotel provided everyone with kimonos



Amy Roberts purchased her own kimono

Nijmeh Rapp wearing her kimono for dinner

And this is what they ate at their kimono dinner!



Our students noticed that wearing face masks in public was a very common practice in Japan. They wanted to try it out for themselves!

Ohayou Gozaimasu, Japan!!!

  . . . or Good Morning, Japan!!!  Our travelers have arrived in Tokyo.  Dr. Kwoun (who you remember is experiencing limited computer access until she locates another power cord for her laptop) was kind enough to send the following pictures she entitled “Students – Japan/Emperor’s Palace”.  Unfortunately, it just appears to be a bunch of our students standing around on a street, so I am going to ask everyone to use their imagination as I  load up some photos I procured from the web as our students are no doubt standing somewhere near the palace!

The Emperor's Palace is nearby . . . honest!



Lines waiting to tour the Emperor's Palace

Moats and walls around palace

The Emperor's Palace!

JUST ADDED---our travelers in front of the Emperor's Palace---no imagination needed!!!

Before leaving for their trip, a list of Japanese phrases was given to students to help them in their travels around Japan.   If all else failed, they were instructed to point at the kanji to aid in their communication efforts.

OhEnglish Romaji 日本語 
Good afternoon. Konnichiwa. 今日は。
Good evening. Konbanwa. 今晩は。
Good morning. Ohayou gozaimasu. おはようございます。
Excuse me! (to get attention or to apologize) Sumimasen! すみません。
I’m sorry. Gomen nasai. ごめんなさい。
Yes. Hai. はい。
No. Iie. いいえ。
I understand. Wakarimasu. 分かります。
I don’t understand. Wakarimasen. 分かりません。
Where is ____? __wa doko desu ka? ___はどこですか。
I’d like to go to ___, but… __ ni ikitain desu ga… ___に行きたいんですが・・・
What’s the best way to get there? Douyatte ikeba ii desu ka? どうやって行けばいいですか。
I’m lost! Michi ni mayotte imasu. 道に迷っています。
Do you speak English? Eigo ga hanasemasu ka? 英語が話せますか。
I don’t understand Japanese. Nihongo ga wakarimasen. 日本語が分かりません。
Um…(Used before you request something Ano… あの・・・
Could you write the kanji please? Kanji o kaite itadakemasenka? 漢字を書いていただけませんか?
Could you please take a picture? Shashin o totte itadakemasenka? 写真を撮っていただけませんか?
I’ll have ____ please. ___o kudasai. ___をください。
Please. Onegai shimasu. お願いします。
Thank you! Arigatou gozaimasu. ありがとうございます。
You’re welcome. Douitashimashite どういたしまして。
You’re welcome/no problem. Iie. いいえ。
Please wait a minute! Chotto matte kudasai! ちょっと待ってください!

More Adventures–More Pictures!!!

Their trip to Seoul coincided with the celebration of Buddha’s birthday, so the city was beautifully decorated!

Bad news—Dr. Kwoun left her laptop cord in a hotel in Seoul so getting uploads of new pictures as they travel will be more difficult until that is rectified.  Good news—one of our students downloaded a lot of photos for me to use on the blog (thanks, Nijmeh!)   Therefore, new posts are going to be a bit more sporadic, but the older posts (like those of Jogmyo Royal Shrine and Changdeokgong Palace will have new photos added!)

On another note, the new pictures Dr. Kwoun sent yesterday were marked “Day 5″.  Somehow I lost an entire day of their travels and humbly apologize to all that are following the adventures of our students and faculty.

In any event, there are smiles all around.  I chatted online with one of our students late last night as they were waiting for the plane to go to Tokyo.  I was told the food in Korea was amazing, and everyone was so kind and helpful to our group.  Their  tour guide, Irene, was deemed “terrific” and Jarrod (one of our students) had made friends with a Korean man at the airport who had a guitar—they were trading the guitar back and forth showing each other new licks as our group waited to board the plane.

Following are some random pictures of their travels in South Korea.

Happy birthday, Buddha!

Is it me, or does it look like someone is trying to feed them toothpaste?




Check out their hotel in Seoul!  Students were warned this was NOT representative of accommodations elsewhere on their journey.  They enjoyed suites with kitchens and laundry facilities.  Not a bad way to travel!




Our travelers visited Myongji University and met with Dr. Soo-Ji Kim, the program director of the Myongji music therapy program.

Graduate dean of Myongji University and Dr. Soo-Ji Kim, program director of the Myongji music therapy program


Students and faculty of music therapy programs at both Maryville University and Myongji University!

 And somehow, they managed to squeeze in a visit to a folk village.



Day 3, and they are still going strong!!

On Day 3 of the trip (and several adventures behind them) our travelers visit the National Museum and Kyongbok Palace in South Korea.

Our group at the National Museum!
This is the “before” picture
And now on to Kyongbok Palace (feel free to Google the names of these sites–the history is amazing!)

Kyongbok Palace with view of Seoul

Kyongbok Palace

Nathan Avilez, Nijmeh Rapp, Jessica Hilker, Dr. Briggs, and Taylor Bell

A little meditation while traveling . . .

Changing of the guards

Making new friends!

One of our students trying to determine if the guard is really a Disney automaton

Changdeokgong Palace Gardens

And the fun continues . . . not to waste a moment of their time abroad, our travelers stopped to visit the famous Changdeokgong Palace Gardens

Changdeokgong Palace Gardens

Taylor Bell, Amy Roberts and another music therapy student enjoy the sights!

Could they be having more fun? L-R: Dr. Briggs, Nijmeh Rapp and Taylor Bell


Dr. Briggs!

Dr. Kwoun!



Music therapy students masquerading as tourists!


Day 2 in South Korea

Our weary travelers viewed a Tae Kwon Doh exhibition and had a bulgogi dinner (where one of our music therapy students tried tofu for the first time!)

Bulgogi Dinner - Yummm!

Jessica Hilker's first taste of tofu!


Aww . . . Taylor Bell, a music therapy student, and Jarrod Ivie enjoy their bulgogi!


Not sure who he is, but I wouldn't want to mess with him . . . he looks too much like a ninja assassin

More Pictures from Jogmyo Royal Shrine in Seoul South Korea!

Through the wonders of technology, more pictures are filtering in from the far sides of the globe as they explore the Jogmyo Royal Shrine


Check out the awesome tour bus that took them around South Korea!!!

Nathan Avilez rides in style!


I'm not sure what this says, but it's pretty neat!

Music Therapy Students Invade Korea!!! (South Korea, that is . . .)

Our fearless group of travelers have arrived and are enjoying the sites.  Check out the photos Dr. Kwoun was kind enough to send of our band of  adventurers!

After a very long flight from Chicago (13 or 14 hours, I can’t quite remember the exact number), they visited the Jongmyo Royal Shrine in Seoul City, South Korea.

I'm not sure exactly what this is, but it was deemed worthy enough to forward, so here goes!


Keep watching this blog for more updates!!!

Keep watching this blog for updates on the South Korea / Japan trip!

Dr. Briggs and Dr. Kwoun are leaving today with a group of Maryville students to visit South Korea and Japan and learn about Music Therapy abroad.  Keep checking back as we post pictures and anecdotes about their overseas adventures!!!