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MUSOTA Prepares Care Packages for our Soldiers in Afghanistan!

on November 4, 2010 by Nancy Bise

The pictures are of our Maryville OT students wrapping gifts and packing boxes to send off to Capt Erik Johnson (U. S. Army) who is stationed in Afghanistan.

In December ‘09, Capt. Johnson sent an email to all OT Program Directors asking if their students wanted to sponsor his OT clinic for a designated month in 2010. Maryville is sponsoring his clinic the last two weeks in December. As Maryville will be on winter break during that time, Jessica Lange (MUSOTA President) emailed Capt. Johnson and made arrangements to Skype him during MUSOTA’s November general meeting.

The care packages will be mailed the week of November 8th to arrive in Afghanistan by December 25th.

Take a look at Capt. Johnson’s website:, or click on

Our students after wrapping and packaging goodies for our soldiers!
Organizing the items collected


Ready to go!
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