Fieldwork Reflections

Following are quotes from our students who recently returned from their Level II fieldwork experiences. The students were given the following themes upon which to base their quotes:

  • You made a difference
  • You engendered trust
  • You communicated effectively
  • You found role models
  • You faced realities

Their quotes are as follows:

  • I realized that the things I planned in sessions and ideas I sent home with parents was having a very real, direct, positive impact on a child’s occupations.
  • It was amazing to be a part of something like that which seems so little but meant so much to her.
  • She was capable of so many things, but helping her find ways to cope with the world around her was so difficult.
  • He told me I made his weekend by helping him get closer to his goal of driving again.
  • If it wasn’t a great day with a patient, I learned something from a co-worker or about a new diagnosis or a handy tip about how to transfer.
  • She had a great personality and went above and beyond being client-centered.
  • I was the first person to introduce a communication device and she was finally able to pick out her clothes, express her desires and pains, and communicate with her visitors. I will never forget when she looked me in the eyes and mouthed “thank you”.
  • I learned a great deal about the danger of making assumptions about the cognitive ability and potential of people who do not communicate like others typically do.
  • What I had planned did not go as planned, but I still needed to work on the skill with the supplies I had. I was able to adapt my activity and make it work!
  • My supervisor stated that she completely trusted my knowledge and ability as a colleague.
  • I felt so accomplished that I helped her make such progress!
  • I spoke fluently about how the patient was progressing in therapy and the MD asked my opinion for discharge recommendations.
  • She is set apart because she puts the client first, no matter what, and never stops learning.
  • I was able to reflect and see that I really was ready.
  • Her description of the loss of her meaningful occupations showed me that I am in the right field.
  • I was able to effectively share my knowledge and realize how much I actually had.
  • She would always be there when I needed help but really made me work for everything I learned.
  • Being accepted by them, even as a student, is something I will always be thankful for and never forget.

A Big Thanks go to all our students for allowing us to share their feelings and experiences with our blog readers.