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Wanna See What A Level II Experience Can Be Like?

on August 23, 2013 by Nancy Bise

For those readers that don’t know, Maryville’s OT students have five, count ’em, five different fieldwork experiences during their studies at Maryville.  A fieldwork experience is where our students leave campus and work along side experienced OT’s.  Our fieldworks are broken into two levels – Level I’s and Level II’s.  The Level I experiences are one week, 40 hour experiences.  The Level II experiences are 12 week, 40 hours per week experiences.  By the time our students graduate, they have a lot of clinical experience under their belts.

Although we can’t show the actual clients or clinics the students work with, we can show what they do when they aren’t working!  Two of our Class of 2014 students, Kristin Gollihur and Kari Hadler are in Tucson working at Southern Arizona Verteran’s Affairs Health Care System.  This is how they spend their time off – enjoying all that Tucson offers!


photo 2 photo 1
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