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MUSOTA Prepares Care Packages for our Soldiers in Afghanistan!

The pictures are of our Maryville OT students wrapping gifts and packing boxes to send off to Capt Erik Johnson (U. S. Army) who is stationed in Afghanistan.

In December ‘09, Capt. Johnson sent an email to all OT Program Directors asking if their students wanted to sponsor his OT clinic for a designated month in 2010. Maryville is sponsoring his clinic the last two weeks in December. As Maryville will be on winter break during that time, Jessica Lange (MUSOTA President) emailed Capt. Johnson and made arrangements to Skype him during MUSOTA’s November general meeting.

The care packages will be mailed the week of November 8th to arrive in Afghanistan by December 25th.

Take a look at Capt. Johnson’s website:, or click on

Our students after wrapping and packaging goodies for our soldiers!

Organizing the items collected



Ready to go!

Masters Luncheon!

Once our students are finished with their masters presentations (and their studies at Maryville as they are now officially our newest alumni!) we celebrated with our students, their families and friends at the Donius University Center for lunch.

Lunch is served!

Left: Jessica Aylor and Keith McWilliams




Masters Presentations!

Our graduating students presented their masters presentations in the Auditorium on Thursday, July 29th—their last official day as students in our program!

Posters were displayed in Pfaff Lobby for the audience to view

The first group to present consisted of Stacy Bean, Kristen Castens, Claire DePrimo, Jessica Graves, Heather McEwen and Emily Rauh that presented on the topic “Fall Prevention in a Continuing Care Retirement Community: Designing a Client-Centered Program Using Qualitatives Inquiry”.  Their faculty mentors were Ashlyn Cunningham, and Karen Parker Davis.

Beginning of student's presentation


Our next group of presenters consisted of Melissa Barnhill, Tamera Fountain, Holly Fults, Katie Street and Kendra Swanson.  Their topic was “Maximizing Safety & Comfort of Drivers in Vehicles” and their faculty menor was Dr. Paula Bohr.

Alaina Ernst, Laura Jendusa, Erik Judson, Keith McWilliams and Kylie Werner were our third group of presenters.  Their topic was “Stress, Perception, and Function in Occupational Therapy Students”.  Their faculty mentor was Don Kallembach.

Our fourth group of students included Courtney Bergheger, Krista Bloemer, Jamie Grundy, Melissa Kopp, and Elyse Steffan.  The title of their presentation was: “The Effect of Computer-Related Assistive Technology on Persons with Mulitiple Schlerosis”.  Their faculty mentor was Robert Cunningham.

Sarah Crittenden, Ashley Dobler, John Finch, Autmn Gleich and Rhonda Toomey presented their project on “Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Ergonomics Intervention Program for Industrial Engineers:  A Pilot Study”.  Their faculty mentor was Lisa Jaegers.

And our last group to present consisted of Jessica Aylor, Laura Hanneke, Kathryn Hobson, Mallory Nathan and Carley Smith.  Their topic was: “Incidence and Variation of Accessory Tendons of the Abductor Pollicis Longus to the Trapezium”.  Their faculty Mentor was Dr. Rebecca von der Heyde.

OT Awards!

As mentioned in an earlier blog, three of our class of 2010 OT students received awards for their achievements in leadership, academics and community service.

Although they received recognition in the commencement program, we also like to host a celebration when they return from their last Level II fieldwork assignments and present the students with their awards and a check.  This year we held the celebration at Buder Commons which provided a chance for our students to catch up with one another, enjoy the refreshments and celebrate their fellow students’ achievements.

Enjoying the refreshments and company before the award presentations

Dr. Paula Bohr presenting Eric Judson with his Academic Excellence in Occupational Therapy award certificate

Dr. Paula Bohr presenting Laura Jendusa with her Community Service in Occupational Therapy award certificate

Jessica Aylor could not be present to accept her Leadership in Occupational Therapy award.

2010 Class Pictures

As the class of 2010 winds down their academic careers, the traditional class picture was taken on July 8th.  We have a professional photographer (thank you Randy at Trotter Photo!) who comes each year and takes amazing pictures of our newest grads.

Randy always makes it look so easy.  We were able to successfully take our traditional photo in front of the Maryville bell, but barely due to weather conditions.  Another five minutes either way, and the photo shoot would have been moved to an indoor location.

I though you’d enjoy to see what really goes on behind the scenes  . . .

Setting up

Getting closer . . .

Late arrivals . . .

More late arrivals

Randy snaps the shot!

Awards earned by our OT Grads

Three Class of 2010 Maryville University Occupational Therapy students earned the following awards:

Award for Community Service in Occupational Therapy was awarded to Laura Jendusa.

Laura Jendusa

Award for Leadership in Occupational Therapy was awarded to Jessica Aylor.

Jessica Aylor

And the Award for Academic Excellence in Occupational Therapy as well as the Dr. Anna Marie Moudy Award for Excellence in the Study of Human Anatomy was awarded to Erik Judson.

Eric Judson