Fashion Goes Green

One of the hottest topics this year is “going green”, being more economical and resourceful. So, why not pair that with another trendy topic: fashion.

Well, it looks like Maryville is doing just that. On Nov. 15, ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) is hosting the 3rd Annual Green Fashion Show.

The purpose of the show is to bring awareness to sustainability. Participants are required to create an outfit or a look made out of recyclable materials. Not only are Maryville students able to model, but other schools are invited to join as well. The winner in each category will receive a $50 Visa gift card.

“We are trying to make it bigger and better”, says Ewelina Wagrodzka, the coordinator of the event. “I have a good team helping me out…everyone has contributed to it’s success.”

In its first year, the fashion show yielded about 50 guests; the second, over a hundred and this year they are expecting 200 guests, the largest number yet.

The show will be held on Maryville University’s campus in the Monsanto room at 6 pm. Raffles, prizes and giveaways are apart of this fun evening as well. ASID is still looking for participants who are interested in being in the fashion show.

For more information, contact Wagrodzka.