Penn State Update: Sandusky Speaks with NBC

Bob Costas had an exclusive interview with accused child-rapist, Jerry Sandusky, during "Rockcenter with Brian Williams" photo courtesy of

In the initial aftermath of Jerry Sandusky’s arrest we, the public, really only saw Penn State handling its affairs, getting rid of both coach Joe Paterno, and University President Graham Spanier.

Due to Paterno’s legacy as the winningest coach in DI football history and role in building Penn State into one of the most recognizable and respected programs in college football, most of the news surrounding the child sex-abuse scandal, focused on his firing.  However on November 14 on NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams, Sandusky finally spoke publicly in an interview with long-time sportscaster Bob Costas.  You can read a transcript of the interview at

According to the interview was a last-minute thing, and although having only fifteen minutes to prepare, Costas did not “beat around the bush” and went directly after the accused while remaining calm and impartial.  Sandusky, in his answers, often seemed unsure and unprepared.  He conceded that he would shower with kids and that he “horsed around” with them, but remained adamant that he did so “without intent of sexual contact.”

When asked about the incident back in 2002 when then graduate assistant, Mike McQueary, saw Sandusky in the shower with a boy of about 10 or 11 years old, Sandusky replied that he was not forcibly raping the child, that the boy had turned on all the showers and was “actually sliding across the floor” and that he and the boy were “possibly like snapping a towel” which he referred to as “horseplay”.

Although Sandusky was stumbling throughout the whole interview his biggest misstep was when he was asked whether or not he was sexually attracted to young boys.  Sandusky first repeated the question, took roughly 14 more seconds to finally say “no.”  When asked if Paterno had ever confronted him about his behavior Sandusky said no, and also said he did not think it was “his fault” that Paterno was fired, but that he “obviously played a part” in everything that has happened to Penn Sate.  Sandusky’s attorney, Joe Amendola was sitting across from Costas during the interview and said he “believes in Jerry’s innocence” and would “absolutely” let his own children be alone with Sandusky.

Amendola also said that he expects some of the victims to recant, including the victim who Sandusky was accused of raping in the showers back in 2002.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has yet to identify that particular victim, but Amendola says that they (he and his staff) have.

Other News: The judge that set Sandusky’s bail back on November 5 is listed as a Second Mile volunteer, on her profile page of her former law firm’s website.  District judge, Leslie Dutchcot, released Sandusky’s bail on only $100,000 unsecured bail, after prosecutors had asked for $500,000 bail and that Sandusky be required to wear a leg monitor.  The $100,000 unsecured bail also means that Sandusky will have to pay nothing as long as he shows up for his court hearing.  This according to a report from

Author note:  Last week, I reported that Paterno “held” a pep rally on his lawn amid all the news of Penn Sate’s involvement in the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal.  Students did gather on Paterno’s lawn, however he did not “host” the affair. The Students had shown up on their own to support Paterno and Penn State football. Paterno did still participate in the rally, and still failed to realize the inappropriateness of the event.