“Breaking Dawn” Actor Visits St. Louis

Booboo Stewart, one of the stars of “Breaking Dawn Part 1”, made his rounds throughout St. Louis on Wed. Feb. 8 to promote the DVD release of the film. Seen on the morning news and heard on morning talk shows, even appearing in a Mason and Remy webisode , Stewart certainly got around St. Louis.

For lunch Stewart stopped at the St. Louis landmark, Blueberry Hill for lunch and a press round table which this reporter was lucky enough to be a part of. Located in the Dart Room, myself and 5 other area reporters were able to have an intimate hour long discussion with Stewart discussing “Twilight”, his career and his future.

Stewart is one of the many stars in the “Twilight Saga” joining the franchise in the third movie, “Eclipse”. When he found out he was being offered an audition for the movies he started reading the books, his favorite in the series being “Eclipse”.

In the series, Stewart plays Seth Clearwater, a member of the wolf pack where he was able to work closely with star Taylor Lautner, although Stewart says his favorite person to work with on “Twilight” is director Bill Condon. Stewart gave many insights to the film series, noting that Rob Pattinson is “a very nice person”and how the wolf pack spent their time in the cold climate half naked which was fixed by heat packs that attached to their skin and double layers of the little clothes they had.

Out of all of the actors on set, the one that Stewart has kept in touch with post-“Twilight” is Chaske Spencer who plays Sam Uley. Stewart and Spencer have stayed close friends who frequently text message each other, and Stewart sees him as a leader both on and off screen. When asked about the craziness of the “Twilight” fans, Stewart was sure to note that with his new longer hairstyle he has been able to go to the grocery store without fans mobbing him. The weirdest thing a fan has done for him was get “Booboo” tattooed on their wrist. His favorite fan moment was at the “Breaking Dawn Part 1″ movie premire, where he got to see the movie for the first time along with approximately 5,ooo fans.

Although this press tour was to promote the DVD release of “Breaking Dawn Part 1″, Stewart was unable to give any information regarding “Part 2″. Stewart could not release when fans can expect a trailer or even a specific release date, but he did confirm that shooting is complete, the movie is in post production and fans will be introduced to a lot of new characters.

In his free time, seventeen-year-old Stewart likes to spend a lot of time with his family. Recently he has been a guest star on Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” and will be going on the Digi music tour with his sisters in March. He prefers to go by the name Booboo which was a nickname given to him at birth which clearly stuck. He spends his downtime watching movies, playing Xbox and playing guitar.

Stewart’s advice to any aspiring actor is, “You have to accept being rejected.”

I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to interview Stewart. He is so soft spoken and humble and clearly hasn’t let his fame get to his head. After the interview discussion, Stewart was more than happy to sign autographs and take pictures.

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” comes out on DVD Feb. 11, 2012. Stores, such as Target, will be hosting midnight release parties for hardcore fans.