Movie Review: “Life of Pi”

Life of Pi” is a well done movie that captures your attention in the introductory scenes of the movie.  The 3-D effects are very impressive and they electrify the beautiful scenery and other breathtaking images. It is likely you will hear the emotions from audience members given the excellent 3-D effects and images.

Photo courtesy of The International Movie Database.

The film is about a young boy from India who is shipwrecked after his family’s ship, carrying their zoo, sinks into the sea. Many animals, some rarely seen, appear in this movie. The storyline tests your comprehension of the natural world as the young man’s life history unfolds. His life becomes horrifying as he struggles to stay alive, lost at sea.  His struggles are heightened as he discovers a Bengal tiger aboard his lifeboat.

Photo courtesy of The International Movie Database.

The movie “Life of Pi” is inspired by a best-selling novel by Yann Martel.  The movie’s director, Ang Lee creates a must-see movie.  The movie’s cast members Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Adil Hussain and others bring life to the big screen as this story is unveiled.  Lee has a shot at winning an Academy Award in several different categories.

As this epic adventure transpires the young survivor reveals his life lessons with spiritual faith and beliefs, especially when the he tries to connect and live with a Bengal tiger while stranded at sea.  In addition, the aquatic scenes are remarkable.  Many emotions are felt throughout this movie.  While this movie is rated PG, the movie contains frightening scenes and content that may be alarming for young children.  Don’t be fooled by the zoo animals, enchanting images and beautiful scenery which may attract young viewers.  The movie is somewhat violent in portraying the circle of life.

The 3-D effects are excellent and make this a thrilling movie.  The images are magnificent and will captivate you with things you don’t get to see every day.  As the holiday season approaches the movie “Life of Pi” is a great selection to see at movie theaters so you can truly experience the 3-D effects.









Life of Pi (2012)